When is Worzel Gummidge on TV? What’s it about? Who’s in it?

Everything you need to know about the TV reboot of the walking, talking scarecrow

Thierry Wickens (John), India Brown (Susan) and Mackenzie Crook (Worzel) in BBC1's Worzel Gummidge

Classic Jon Pertwee children’s sitcom Worzel Gummidge is getting a reboot, with The Detectorists‘ Mackenzie Crook now playing the turnip-headed scarecrow.


The new series will be the third adaptation of the classic children’s books by Barbara Euphan Todd, following an ITV adaptation with Doctor Who star Pertwee between 1979-81, and a New Zealand spin-off in 1987-89.

Find out everything you need to know about the latest reboot below.

When is Worzel Gummidge on TV?

The two TV specials, each of them an hour long, will be shown over the Christmas period this year on BBC One.

Worzel Gummidge: The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook will air on Thursday 26th December at 6.20pm.

Worzel Gummidge: The Green Man will air on Friday 27th December at 7pm.

What is the Worzel Gummidge reboot about?

Worzel Gummidge first appeared in Todd’s books in 1936, about a scarecrow who came to life on Scatterbrook Farm and befriended the local children.

The first episode of the reboot is called ‘The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook’, and will see Worzel encounter shocked youngsters Susan and John for the first time.

Episode two is called ‘The Green Man’, about the creator of scarecrows who is dismayed to discover that Worzel is associating with humans.

The two episodes were penned by Crook himself, who said, “I’m thrilled to be back working with the BBC and many members of the Detectorists team to bring Worzel Gummidge to a new generation of viewers and reintroduce him to old friends.

“Adapting Barbara Euphan Todd’s books into these two films has been a joy and I’ve completely fallen for her charming, irreverent scarecrow.”

Who is in the cast?

Programme Name: Worzel Gummidge - TX: n/a - Episode: Worzel Gummidge - First Look (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Worzel Gummidge (MACKENZIE CROOK) - (C) Leopard Pictures - Photographer: Matt Burlem

Mackenzie Crook, of The Detectorists, The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean fame, is starring as well as writing and directing.

The supporting cast is stuffed full of comedy legends, including Michael Palin, Zoë Wanamaker, Steve Pemberton and Vicki Pepperdine.

The Windsors star Pepperdine will be playing Aunt Sally, a role made famous by Sherlock’s Una Stubbs in the 1979 series.

Palin will be playing the titular Green Man in episode two, the same episode that will see Wanamaker play eccentric aristocrat Lady Bloomsbury Barton.

Palin said: “It’s a lovely part for me, but the whole script is very memorable and touching, and very funny too. It quite skilfully weaves in something for everybody all the time.”

Wanamaker added: “The whole thing is so charming and inventive. It’s the sort of thing I’d watch. I’m sure it will be a huge success.”

Benidorm actor Steve Pemberton will be playing local farmer Mr Braithwaite, with India Brown (Hetty Feather) and Thierry Wickens (making his TV debut) are playing children Susan and John.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! You can take a look at the first trailer for the reboot below…


Worzel Gummidge will air on BBC1 this Christmas