The Inbetweeners Movie 2: “we’re getting close…”

Writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley reveal to Radio Times "at the moment the script is at version 0.5" for the big screen sequel

A sequel to the box office-busting The Inbetweeners Movie has long been rumoured, but those murmurings appear to be edging closer and closer to an eagerly-anticipated reality. 


Series creators Iain Morris and Demon Beesley – who labelled their series’ first feature movie “a 90-minute version of the TV show” and an “OK British film” – revealed to Radio Times that the constant rumours circling a sequel are finally solidifying into action. 

“Because the film was genuinely independent, there’s no studio breathing down our neck,” said Morris. “It’s down to us to write a script that we think is worth everyone’s time; Inbetweeners fans are more discerning and vocal than people give them credit for. 

“The last thing any of us wants is a cheap cash-in. At the moment the script is at version 0.5, so we’re getting close… but we’re not there yet.”

With the first film grossing £45 million at the box office – plus an impressive 1.9 million DVDs shifted – and rumours of Paramount’s interest in turning the US remake into a silver screen hit, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of Simon, Jay, Will and Neil…


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