Stephen Merchant reveals a hidden talent for lip syncing

Ricky Gervais' writing partner performs a dazzling (and mute) rendition of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's Boom! Shake The Room on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Stephen Merchant’s public stock-in-trade has usually involved standing behind Ricky Gervais at awards ceremonies and looking a little awkward.


But the writer who penned The Office and Extras with the great man (amongst other things) has just shown a hidden talent for both dancing and mouthing popular song lyrics.

Here he is on the Jimmy Fallon throwing some pretty energetic shapes to -firstly – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s hit Boom! Shake the Room followed by Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).

Fellow guest Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined in the fun, with the good new that Merchant flew the flag for Britian right up to the bitter end:  when the results came in him and Gordon-Levitt were joint winners.