Simon Cowell’s X Factor musical to be called I Can’t Sing!

With a singing hunchback and a talking dog, the Harry Hill comedy will be focusing on the vocal failures rather than the talent show successes

Simon Cowell’s X Factor musical has been given a less than complimentary title…


The West End stage show, written by Harry Hill, is set to be titled I Can’t Sing! and has been dubbed a “mickey-taking spectacular” by the comedian.

“We’d been umm-ing and ahh-ing about the title for a while, then it hit us — there’s never been a musical called I Can’t Sing! It also happens to be the title of one of the funniest songs in the show, and we hope hints at the direction we’re taking this production,” said Hill.

He added: “We think it’s also the only musical for a while with a singing hunchback, a talking dog and a man on an iron lung, but we’d have to Google that to be sure. We’re pretty certain that you won’t have seen anything like it before…”

Hill also told the Evening Standard that the musical, which is said to feature caricatures of Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and the man himself Simon Cowell, is being backed by Cowell “4,500 per cent.”

While the musical appears to be lightly mocking the music mogul’s talent show empire, it’s not moving too far away from the ethos of the X Factor itself. Director Sean Foley has refrained from casting established West End actors, favouring instead to “find stars.”


I Can’t Sing! is a joint venture between Simon Cowell’s company Syco Entertainment and Stage Entertainment.