Ricky Gervais releases studio version of David Brent song “Slough”

In preparation for his new film Life on the Road, The Office creator has released a studio recording of Slough - his very particular tribute to his home town...

Slough’s favourite middle manager David Brent is at it again – this time releasing a studio version of his song Slough.


The number, a paean to the town that lies “equidistant ‘tween London and Reading” has already been heard in Brent’s live tour with the band Foregone Conclusion. But here it has been given the full studio treatment – possibly as a prelude to an appearance in the new Brent film Life on the Road?

The film, due to begin shooting next year, will catch up with Brent 15 years after he was let go by paper merchants Wernham Hogg and promises to be a mockumentary following him on his self-financed UK tour. 


Now a cleaning products salesman travelling up and down the A1, he still dreams of becoming a rock star. And as we can hear, he still believes in the greatness of his home town…