Ricky Gervais: David Brent rapping series could follow new mockumentary

The creator of The Office tells RadioTimes.com the return of Wernham Hogg's boss could take the form of "a special, a series, or a movie..."

There was a collective buzz of excitement amongst fans of The Office and Ricky Gervais last weekend when the latter’s plans for a new David Brent Spinal Tap-style mockumentary were revealed.


The idea is still “in its infancy”, according to Gervais, but the writer and comedian is toying with various formats to present his new project. “I’ve written all the songs and we’re gigging now and that bit’s ready but I don’t know whether it’ll be a special, a series or a movie,” he told RadioTimes.com. “I’ll do whatever’s best for the project so that is as far as I’ve got at the moment.”

But perhaps most exciting of all is the suggestion that ANOTHER Brent project could follow it. “I’ve even thought about a series of seeing him rapping that could come off the back of that,” said Gervais, before adding, “There’s lots to do but at the moment I’m dabbling with that and keeping my hand in. I’m making notes. There’s no rush – I never really give myself a deadline.”

Exciting stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree, although, don’t expect Brent to be back on our TV (or cinema) screens just yet. “The big aim would be to do an update of what David Brent’s doing now. But again I don’t think it can be this year – maybe next?”

Apparently the idea first dawned on The Office creator when he was performing as Brent with his band, Foregone Conclusion – a nationwide tour that has sold out a number of dates in mere seconds. “As a failed pop star myself, I’m living vicariously through David Brent. It’s really fun and opens up a whole new world about what he’s like on stage with an audience.

“I started thinking, this could be a documentary. If this was a real person who was in a docu-soap and now he’s on the road, someone would do a documentary about it. This would be a ‘where are they now’ documentary. It’s more like The Big Reunion but Brent thinks it’s like Scorsese following the Rolling Stones around.”


Gervais also teased details of what to expect when Brent does eventually make his return to our screens. “He can’t believe his luck that they’re making a documentary about him again for the telly. You see the real tragedy of it – that he’s not making money because the band are session musicians. They don’t really want to be his friend and he’s having to work extra hard and cash in pensions to even finance this tour.”