Relive all the aca-puns in the Pitch Perfect Honest Trailer

As the sequel hits cinemas, take a look back at where it all aca-started...

Today Pitch Perfect 2 hits cinemas, the sequel to 2012’s surprise musical hit starring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Elizabeth Banks – and we’re extremely aca-xcited.


In fact, we’re so looking forward to it that we’ve taken a look back at the first film with the help of Honest Trailers and their typically aca-cerbic look at popular movies.

In fact, it may be a little harsh – we’d totally go to a giant a capella concert, so it’s not that unrealistic, and the side characters have AT LEAST two dimensions. Come on, guys.

We can’t really disagree with their sum-up though – unless the sequel can top it, Pitch Perfect really is the best film ever about making noises with your mouth, pitches.


Pitch Perfect 2 is in cinemas now

Aca-awesome! Elizabeth Banks and Rebel Wilson play Pitch Perfect Heads Up!