Darren Barnet may be appearing as lead character Jak in upcoming fantasy action game Immortals of Aveum but of course, the actor is best known to many for playing Paxton Hall-Yoshida in Netflix's Never Have I Ever.


The Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher comedy follows Indian-American high school student Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) as she navigates life after her father's death.

The recently released fourth season of the beloved Netflix series saw a return for Barnet's character. And while chatting exclusively to RadioTimes.com about his leading role in Immortals of Aveum, the actor also opened up about his thoughts about Devi and Paxton's relationship in Never Have I Ever. Beware spoilers from this point on!

Season 4 saw Devi trying to make a relationship work with Ben instead of Paxton, save for one final "closure" kiss in a cupboard. She also admitted that while Paxton was a great boyfriend, he's an even better friend.

As for whether he agreed with that or wanted them to get back together, Barnet said: "No, I think they're better as friends. You know, it's... he was that high school lifelong crush for her that seemed unattainable. And then they got together and it didn't work out.

"And compatibility is questionable there romantically, but I think friendship-wise, he makes for a very, very good friend. He's been there for her a lot."

Paxton stood in the school hall with his arms crossed
Darren Barnet in Netflix's Never Have I Ever

With Devi also heading off to college at the end of season 4, Kaling has said that now is the right time to end the show. But as for whether Barnet could see the show returning with possibly new characters, he shared: "Man, I'm an actor on the show. If I was a writer, I might know, but I don't know nothing."

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Although Barnet was working on Immortals of Aveum before Never Have I Ever came out, the actor confesses that the Netflix series has created new opportunities for him in the realm of animation.

He revealed: "Interestingly enough, it's opened up a lot of doors with animation. I have like four animations coming to Netflix. And they're all based in like, either like Neo Edo Japan, samurai period, or it's just like a Japanese character. And that was very much because of Never Have I Ever, you know, revealing my Japanese character and using it as part of the storyline."

Barnet continued: "I have Skull Island, which is a King Kong based animation. I have Jurassic World, which is like Jurassic Park. And then something called Blue Eyed Samurai. And they're all coming to Netflix. So yeah, it's very much Never Have I Ever that opened the door for me."

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As for Barnet's forthcoming game release, Immortals of Aveum will be released this July and is a cinematic first-person-shooter game that uses magic spells instead of guns and bullets. We'll bring you more on the game in the coming weeks!

Additional reporting by Rob Leane

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