Jerry Seinfeld denying Ke$ha a hug is the most awkward video you’ll watch today

The comedian denies her advances three times


What’s the deal with hugs? On Monday night, Jerry Seinfeld thrice denied popstar Ke$ha’s request for a hug at a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation.


The singer approached the comedian as he was mid-interview with Washington D.C.-based radio host Tommy McFly, and didn’t waste any time asking him to show her some love. It got awkward pretty quickly, as Seinfeld denied her not once, not twice, but THREE times, on the final occasion physically edging away from her as if he was being accosted by a crazed fan rather than a multi-million selling artist. Perhaps he had seen the TiK ToK video? Watch the incident below.

As his assailant skulked away wounded, he admitted that he didn’t know who she was, but that he wished “her the best”.


Of course, Seinfeld is not obliged to fulfil the young popstar’s request, but a quick hug never hurt anyone. And it was on the red carpet for a charity benefit full of celebrities, not in the middle of Oxford Street, after all.