“It’s like art imitating life imitating art” as W1A series 2 starts filming at BBC HQ

Corporation staff just can't hold back as Ian Fletcher 'BBC Head of Values' played by Hugh Bonneville is spotted with a film crew at Broadcasting House in London

Filming for the second series of comedy W1A kicked off this morning at BBC’s headquarters Broadcasting House in London.


Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville was spotted sipping on a takeaway coffee outside the iconic building’s revolving doors. But you’d be forgiven for not noticing, as a flurry of other celebrities, broadcasters and journalists made their way into their actual offices in identical fashion…

And understandably so. It is terribly confusing. 

Others, though, have a firm grip on the BBC2 mockumentary. 

And are even using the show as inspiration for their real working lives…

Which is, erm… Sorry, now we’re confused. 


W1A returns to BBC2 later this year