Inbetweeners reunion in new trailer for BBC comedy White Gold will make you nostalgic for Jay and Simon

James Buckley and Joe Thomas star alongside Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick as double glazing salesmen in 80s Essex


“You couldn’t sell ice to an eskimo,” says James Buckley to his Inbetweeners co-star Joe Thomas. “Eskimos don’t need ice, why would I sell it to them?” Joe fires back, in a conversation that harks back to the halcyon days of Jay and Simon.


But Jay and Simon are long gone, because the two Inbetweeners actors are now starring in new BBC2 comedy White Gold about a double-glazing sales team who will do anything to guarantee a result.

White Gold also stars Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick who has swapped the riches of Chuck Bass and New York’s Upper East Side for the much less glamorous environment of 1980s Essex.

Together, these three young entrepreneurs – Vincent Swan, Brian Fitzpatrick and Martin Lavender – are determined to sell “the dirt cheap white plastic bits that go round your windows” at a mark-up of 600%.

The comedy is the brainchild of Inbetweeners creator Damon Beesley, making this more of a reunion project than ever.

Will this be a smash hit – or will we find our eyes glazing over?


White Gold will air on BBC2. A launch date has not yet been announced