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When is Channel 4 comedy Home back on TV?

Rufus Jones and Rebekah Staton lead the cast of this brilliant sitcom about a Syrian asylum seeker and a family in Dorking

Home series 2 - Channel 4
Published: Wednesday, 11th March 2020 at 9:26 pm

Home is Channel 4's sitcom about a Syrian asylum-seeker who hides himself in the boot of a car at a petrol station in Calais – and ends up at Katy, Peter and John's suburban home in Dorking.


Here's everything you need to know ahead of season 2...

When is Home on TV?

Home's final episode will air on Wednesday 11th March 2020 at 10pm on Channel 4.

In August 2019, announcing the second season had been commissioned, writer and star Rufus Jones said: "I’m absolutely made up that Channel 4 have allowed us to continue charting Sami’s journey through our quite operatically dysfunctional society. Sami will strap on his sandals and show us more of what makes our country ridiculous, tough and - just occasionally - great."

Where can you watch season 1?

The first series launched in March 2019. It's now available to watch on catch-up service All4.

Is there a trailer for Home series 2?

Yes – and it sees both Sami (Youssef Kerkour) and Peter (Rufus Jones) facing new challenges, from the reprecussions of Brexit to the arrival of Katy's (Rebekah Staton) ex-husband (Douglas Henshall).

What is Home about?

What happens when you return from a family holiday to France and open the boot to find a Syrian refugee where your luggage was supposed to be?

That's the situation facing new couple Peter (Rufus Jones) and Katy (Rebekah Staton) when they get back to Dorking from their first family holiday with Katy's young son John, who has spent the journey from Calais winding up his would-be stepdad.

Their unexpected passenger is a bloke called Sami (Youssef Kerkour) who hopes to claim asylum in Britain.

Home on Channel 4

According to Channel 4's official synopsis, "Home follows the experience of Sami, a Syrian refugee who enters Britain illegally to claim asylum. Living in with Peter, Katy and John, Sami and his adoptive family discover and come to terms with what a home really means."

Aside from starring as Brexit-supporting anti-immigrant stepdad Peter, Rufus Jones also wrote the six-part series.

He said in a statement: "I'm made up that Channel 4 have allowed me to tell this story, alongside a very special cast and crew. It has become something of a passion project. If you're only going to invite one refugee into your house this year, make it this one. Actually, make it a real one, then this one. Thanks."

The new series will also see the arrival of a new character, as Shetland's Douglas Henshall joins the cast as Elliot, John's dad and Katy's ex-husband. According to the show's official synopsis, "Elliot has been absent for a few years, and when he makes a sudden reappearance into their lives no-one really expects it to go smoothly.

"Elliot claims to have cleaned up his act, and is still as charming as ever, but the undercurrent of chaos is still very much there. But Elliot is John’s dad, and wants to see more of his son."

Who stars in Home?

Rebekah Staton plays Katy

Home on Channel 4

Who is Katy? A secondary school teacher and mum-of-one who has recently separated from her cheating husband. She has recently begun a relationship with a bloke called Peter who has already moved in.

What else has Rebekah Staton been in? The actress has previously starred in Raised by Wolves, Ordinary Lies, Spy, and Pulling.

Rufus Jones plays Peter


Who is Peter? An uptight quantity surveyor and Katy's new boyfriend. He has so far failed to earn the respect of her son, John.

What else has Rufus Jones been in? He is known for roles including David Wilkes in W1A, and Tom in Camping, and also created and wrote this TV series.

Youssef Kerkour plays Sami

Sami (Youssef Kerkour) in Home series 2
Ep1. Youssef Kerkour stars as Sami. Channel 4

Who is Sami? An asylum-seeker who hid in the boot of Peter's car at Calais and climbed out in Dorking. He has a wife and child, and used to be a teacher back home in Syria.

What else has Youssef Kerkour been in? The actor has appeared in Nightflyers, Bounty Hunters, Baghdad Central, and Marcella.

Oaklee Pendergast plays John


Who is John? Katy's son, who remains doubtful about Peter but embraces newcomer Sami with open arms. His father has decided to stop paying for him to go to private school, so this year he's about to start at the local secondary school where Katy teaches.

What else has Oaklee Pendergast been in? He may be young, but Oaklee Pendergast has already built up an impressive CV including roles as Adam Evans in Marcella, Archie in Camping (alongside his Home co-star Rufus Jones), and Edward in The Woman in Black 2.

Douglas Henshall plays Elliot

Home series 2: Douglas Henshall
Channel 4

Who is Elliot? Henshall joins the cast this season as Elliot, John’s dad and Katy’s ex-husband.


Who is Douglas Henshall? The actor is best known for his roles is Shetland, Primeval, Iona, In Plain Sight.


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