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First trailer for Peter Kay's unscripted Car Share episode

"We decided to try something special..."

Car Share BBC
Published: Monday, 7th May 2018 at 1:15 pm

Nearly a year on from Peter Kay's announcement that there would be no more Car Share, we're gearing up for the first of two final episodes.


Kay – who writes and stars in the BBC comedy – had previously stated that the series would end on the abrupt cliffhanger at the end of series two, which saw car sharing colleagues John (Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) go their separate ways after an unresolved argument.

But following an outcry from fans, Kay announced on Children in Need last year that he would revive Car Share for two special episodes – the first of which has a brand new trailer...

Car Share: Unscripted sees Kay and Gibson record an entire journey to work without a script, "basically making it up and seeing what happened".

The 30-second trailer shows the pair back in their trusty Fiat, singing, giggling and – in Gibson's case – attempting a hilariously bad Heather Small impression.

Car Share: Unscripted is scheduled to air on BBC1 on Monday 7th May at 9pm, followed by the show's final ever episode – at the same time on Monday 28th May. 


The broadcast comes after the comedian cancelled his live stand-up tour – his first in eight years – last December, citing "unforeseen family circumstances" just a month after tickets had sold out in minutes.

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