Now available to watch in full on BBC iPlayer, Dinosaur is the heartwarming and hilarious new comedy that follows Nina (Ashley Storrie) as she struggles to come to terms with her sister's impromptu engagement.


The six-parter sees Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s, go from having a pretty ideal life set-up to having that all kicked into disarray when Evie (Kat Ronney) returns home from a weekend away newly engaged and ready to get married.

The easy watch nature of the series means that fans will undoubtedly rip through the comedy in no time, and with the final episode ending on quite a lovely note for everyone, will there be more Dinosaur on the cards in the future?

Chatting exclusively to, series co-creator and star Storrie said: "I have hopes, and [co-creator] Matilda [Curtis] and I know exactly what we want to happen."

Lorn MacDonald as Lee and Ashley Storrie as Nina in Dinosaur, holding boxes of chips and looking shocked at the other side of a road.
Lorn MacDonald as Lee and Ashley Storrie as Nina in Dinosaur. BBC/Two Brothers Pictures,Two Brothers Pictures

Speaking about whether or not the season would kick off in a new location or remain in Glasgow, Storrie also revealed: "I think it would definitely be a return to Glasgow, and fingers crossed that Henry Cavill will agree to play my palaeontologist’s love interest for a love triangle.

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"Mainly because that would make Lorn [Macdonald] so annoyed, if he had to compete against Henry Cavill. There’s an offer. I love romance, so I hope [it would be a season 2 focus]. I really love writing it."

Well, The Witcher star has stepped back from his time in the hit Netflix series, so perhaps there could be a potential schedule opening in there somewhere. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

For now, fans of Cavill's have Guy Ritchie's new film, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, to look forward to, after the actor also recently starred in Argylle.

While Dinosaur fans will undoubtedly be left smitten by the progression of Lee and Nina's relationship, a love triangle certainly makes for an exciting series addition, doesn't it?

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For now, we'll just have to bide our time and wait for any news about the future of Dinosaur, the show which sees Storrie tackle quite a "weird" subject.

Speaking about what most appealed to her about the show, Storrie said: "It was just sisterhood and that sort of ride-or-die friendship that women can have.

"But also, it’s a weird subject, and it’s one I’m really fascinated by – I think it’s maybe just because I don’t get it fully – but the way people can kind of lose themselves in a relationship. You can lose your friendships in that time.

"It was so exciting just to prod at that very weird subject and have fun with it."

Dinosaur is available to watch on BBC iPlayer and will air on BBC One from Friday 19th April at 10:40pm.


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