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Blackadder reboot could take on a new form, says Tony Robinson

The actor, who played dim-witted Baldrick, shared some thoughts on how the classic comedy could return.

Blackadder Goes Forth
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Published: Tuesday, 5th January 2021 at 5:22 pm

Earlier this week, Rowan Atkinson shared with Radio Times why he thought a Blackadder reboot wouldn't be easy.


Now, co-star Tony Robinson has also weighed in on the reboot debate and, just like Atkinson, he is keen to step back into the role of the titular antihero's dogsbody Baldrick's, but not in a format we might expect.

"Well, what Rowan has always said to me is if there was to be another Blackadder it shouldn’t necessarily be another six-part television series," Robinson told"We should find another guise for it, another way of doing it."

As it turns out, Atkinson already has some ideas on what that other guise could be. "[Atkinson] once said to me wouldn’t it be great if we could take over the Royal Tournament military tattoo one summer, it would be Blackadder’s Royal Tournament," Robinson added. "I’m not saying that would necessarily be the idea we went with but I think it ought to be possible to come up with something at some time."

It certainly would differ from the show's structure back in the '80s when it first aired. However, such a format might prove tricky in the near future as England is currently in its third lockdown.

Speaking of the overall experience of being involved in the sitcom, which is often considered one of the best British comedies, he said: "It was absolutely wonderful being in Blackadder, I’d always wanted to be associated with what I thought of as Oxbridge television right back from The Week That Was through to Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Not the Nine O'Clock News.

"But I was never going to be because I’d left school at 16 and this television was made by people who got to know each other at university and then went on to the Edinburgh Festival. It just wasn’t my thing and then suddenly, completely out of the blue, I got this offer to be the servant in Rowan Atkinson’s new series and I said 'yes' even before I’d looked at the script."

The series follows Edmund Blackadder and his equally inept descendants as they navigate different military conflicts. As well as Atkinson and Robinson, the sitcom also starred the likes of Tim McInnerny, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

Additional reporting by Emma Bullimore.


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