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41 Friends guest stars you may have forgotten - all the celeb cameos

The One With All The Guest Stars.

Friends Guest Stars
Published: Monday, 14th June 2021 at 4:20 pm

The core Friends cast went on to become massive stars themselves, but the popular sitcom had a whole host of huge names in its 10 season run.


Everyone from Brad Pitt to George Clooney, Julia Roberts to Christina Applegate have all popped up in various roles and story arcs, but how many do you remember?

We've picked 41 of Friends guest stars for you, with when they appeared and who they played so you'll never forget them ever again.

Brad Pitt

The One with the Rumour (S8 EP9)

Brad Pitt stars in Friends
Brad Pitt stars in Friends Friends

Back when Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt, he made a guest appearance on the show as Will Colbert, her old high school classmate. Instead of showing the pair in wedded bliss (as they were believed to be at the time), Pitt's character had an intense loathing for Rachel. Ross and Will both hated Rachel so it's not too surprising that he reveals he spread a rumour about her in high school.

Jill Goodacre

The One With the Blackout (S1 EP7)

Jill Goodacre
Jill Goodacre in Friends Friends

Early on Jill Goodacre pops up in one of the first episodes of the show when Chandler is trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre herself.

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria Getty

The One With The Monkey to The One in Barbados Part 1

Azaria plays one of Phoebe's love interests, David, the scientist guy who leaves her to go to Minsk. The other is Paul Rudd's Mike of course.

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini in Friends Getty

The One With Frank Jnr (S3 EP5)

Ross writes a list of celebs he would be allowed to cheat on Rachel with, but takes Rossellini off the list for somebody closer to home. Then he actually bumps into Isabella Rossellini, who plays herself, at Central Perk.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

Seasons 1-10: First appeared in The One With The Paediatrician and last appearance in The Last One Part 2

Paul Rudd may not look on his time on Friends too fondly, but he played a supporting character that became key to Phoebe's happy ending. Rudd stars as Mike, a piano player who she ends up tying the knot with. The pair first meet when Joey introduces them on a disastrous blind date. Their relationship ends when phoebe realises he never wants to remarry - though he later changes his mind when he realises David is keen and set to propose to Phoebe. Coming full circle, Joey marries the pair thanks to that internet ordination for Monica and Chandler's wedding.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin in Friends
Alec Baldwin in Friends Friends

The One in Massapequa (S8 EPS18)

Speaking of Phoebe's love interests, 30 Rock star Alex Baldwin appeared as Parker for two-episodes in season eight. He was over eager, and annoying as hell, but that's the point.

Jason Alexander

The One Where Rosita Dies (S7 EP13)

Seinfield's Alexander plays Early who Phoebe tries to talk out of killing himself when she calls him her first day as a toner-selling telemarketer.

Reese Witherspoon

The One With Rachel's Sister (S6 EP13)

Rachel's sister Jennifer
Rachel's sister Jennifer

Witherspoon stars as Rachel's younger sister Jill Green who rocks up and goes on a date with... Ross.

Christina Applegate

The One With Rachel's Other Sister (S9 EP8)

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate Friends

As the title says we're introduced to Rachel's other sister, Amy, who is pretty terrible. Not only can she not remember any of Rachel's friend's names, but she also forgets Rachel's baby's name too. She appears later on in the series for a Thanksgiving episode where Amy tries to get custody of Emma if Ross AND Monica die. Her performance earned her an Emmy. The second appearance sees her babysit Emma and get her ears pierced - Emma's that is, not Amy's. That would still have been odd, but slightly more normal than what happened.

Danny DeVito

The One Where the Stripper Cries (S10 EP11)

Danny De Vito Friends
Danny De Vito Friends Friends

It's Phoebe's fancy bachelorette (or hen do for us Brits) and Monica and Rachel soon realise she's expecting a stripper so they arrange a last-minute booking. But when he turns up, he isn't exactly what they expected...cue Danny DeVito. It's hard to watch at first, but soon descends into a weird hot experience for Phoebe. Genius.

Julia Roberts

The One After the Super Bowl: Part 1 & 2 (S2 EP 12 & 13)

Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts
Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts Getty

Ross travels to San Diego where his pet monkey Marcel is now the star of a new film. While on set Chandler comes across an old school friend (Julia Roberts) hell bent on seeking revenge for a childhood prank. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Brook Shields, Dan Castellaneta, Fred Willard and Chris Isaak also appear in this star-studded episode that followed directly after, you guessed it, the Super Bowl.

Brooke Shields

The One After the Superbowl (S2 EP12)

Brooke Shields in Friends
Brooke Shields in Friends Friends

Shields stars as Joey's 'stalker', Erika Ford. Erika thinks she's dating Joey's Days of Our Lives character, but she becomes a liability when she actually thinks Joey is Dr Drake.

Kathleen Turner

The One With Chandler's Dad (S7 EP22)

Kathleen Turner in Friends
Kathleen Turner in Friends Friends

Meet Charles Bing aka Helena Handbasket aka Chandler's father! Kathleen Turner stars as Chandler's dad who has his own Las Vegas Show.

Hugh Laurie

The One With Ross' Wedding (S4 EP23)

Hugh Laurie in Friends
Hugh Laurie Friends Friends

Hugh Laurie stars as Rachel's airplane neighbour as she makes her way to London. She's excited as she's trying to build herself up to gatecrashing - and stopping - Ross' wedding. Laurie's character isn't so keen on all this nervous energy and he's very rude, but you can't help but like his as usual.

Helen Hunt

The One With Two Parts (S1 EP16 and 17)

Helen Hunt for Friends
Helen Hunt for Friends Friends

Helen Hunt stars as her Mad About You character in a perfect cross-over. Jamie goes into Central Perk and thinks Phoebe is her twin sister Ursula, who is a waitress on Mad About You.

Jon Lovitz

The One With the Stoned Guy (S1 EP15)

The One With the Blind Date (S9 EP14)

Jon for Friends

Saturday Night Live's Jon Lovitz stars as Phoebe's friend Steve. We first meet him as he's opening up a restaurant and he wants to try Monica's cooking, but he's far too stoned.

He returns later in season nine, this time for a blind date with Rachel.

Greg Kinnear and Aisha Tyler

The One With Ross' Grant (S10 EP6)

Greg Kinnear and Aisha Tyler
Greg Kinnear and Aisha Tyler Friends

Greg Kinnear plays Ross' girlfriend's ex Dr Benjamin Hobart. He just also happens to be the very man who decides whether or not Ross gets his grant money. Dr Hobart is happy to grant the money, that is if Ross breaks up with his girlfriend Charlie.

Jim Rash

The Last One (S10 EP17)

Jim Rash on Friends
Jim Rash on Friends Friends

Community's Jim Rash stars in the finale as yet another airplane passenger sat next to Rachel. He's incredibly on edge, arguably his nerves are the push for Ross and Rachel finally getting together... his fear that there's something wrong with the plane causes a hold up, giving Ross the time he needs to make it to Rachel.

Bruce Willis

The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad (S6 EP21)

The One Where Paul's The Man (S6 EP22)

The One With The Ring (S6 EP23)

Bruce Willis on Friends
Bruce Willis on Friends Friends

Ross begins dating student Elizabeth, much to the amusement of the friends. But when her strict father Paul (Bruce Willis) is introduced to Ross, he somehow ends up a relationship with Rachel. Legend has it that Bruce Willis starred in Friends after losing a bet to Matthew Perry when they both starred on The Whole Nine Yards. Willis actually ended up winning an Emmy for his Friends role so we'd say it worked out well for him.

George Clooney

The One with the Two Parts: Part 2 (S1 EP17)

Rachel sprains her ankle but when she gets to the hospital she pretends to be Monica in order to use her medical insurance. Unsurprisingly, Monica is not a fan of this plan – especially when Rachel organises a double date with their handsome doctors, played by fresh-faced ER stars George Clooney and Noah Wyle.

Jeff Goldblum

The One With the Mugging (S9 EP15)

Jeff Goldblum in Friends
Jeff Goldblum in Friends Friends

Joey has an audition with Jeff Goldblum and narrowly secures a callback. During his second round, desperate for a wee, he gives a jumpy audition which Goldblum loves. So when it comes to his final round he fills his bladder to bursting – a decision that has dire consequences. Goldblum ends up covered in Joey's banked up 'energy'.

Charlie Sheen

The One With The Chicken Pox (S2 EP23)

Charlie Sheen in Friends
Charlie Sheen in Friends Friends

Sheen starred in season two as Phoebe's "Submarine Guy" aka Ryan. When Ryan comes home he only has a short time to spend with her, but their plans to be alone together is ruined with an outbreak of chicken pox.

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Anna Faris

The One With the Birth Mother (S10 EP9)

Anna Faris in Friends
Anna Faris in Friends Friends

The final season saw Monica and Chandler try for a baby before opting for a surrogate, Erica. Anna Faris appears in five episodes for the story arc, and while Erica isn't the smartest she does bring the couple baby joy!

Winona Ryder

The One With Rachel's Big Kiss (S7 EP20)

Winona Ryder in Friends
Winona Ryder in Friends Friends

Winona Ryder stars as Melissa Warburton, Rachel's sorority sister who Rachel says she made out with in college. Phoebe really doesn't believe her, so Rachel drags her to dinner with Melissa only to find Melissa denies it ever happened. Eventually she admits the truth and gives Rachel another kiss.

Denise Richards

The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin (S7 EP19)

Denise Richards
Denise Richards got all the attention in Friends Friends

Denise Richards plays Cassie Geller, Ross and Monica's cousin who is visiting for the wedding. It all gets a little weird when Chandler, Ross and Phoebe all get heart eyes for her and can't stop staring. Cue Denise Richards in slow mo.

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion (S3 EP24)

Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in Friends
Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in Friends YouTube

Both comedy legends Billy Crystal and Robin Williams appeared on the show about the same time as their film Father's Day, though we're not saying that's why they crop up. Both are chatting in Central Perk when their conversation catches the Friends attention. We can hardly blame them when Williams' wife's affairs pop up.

Susan Sarandon

The One With Joey's New Brain (S7 EP15)

Susan Sarandon in Friends
Susan Sarandon in Friends Friends

Joey's Days of Our Lives character gets a brain transplant from one of the show's female characters. Unfortunately the actress who plays her (Susan Sarandon) is unaware she is about to be killed off...Sarandon shows Joey how to play her character in a weird story arc involving teaching him how to throw a drink at someone and slapping them in the face. Her daughter Eva Amurri also stars.

David Arquette

The One With The Jam (S3 EP3)

David Arquette
David Arquette Friends

Courtney Cox's future husband pops up in season three of the show, but in a romance with Phoebe! David Arquette stars as Malcolm, Phoebe's twin sister Ursula's stalker. Malcolm accidentally mistakes Phoebe for her sister and starts to stalk her, leading to the pair becoming interested each other. Not your usual romantic set up.

Rebecca Romijn

The One With the Dirty Girl (S4 EP6)

Rebecca Romijn

X-Men's Romijn starred in Friends in her first acting role in season four as Cheryl, the 'Dirty Girl'. Ross and Cheryl are dating, but he can't get over the fact she has a filthy flat.

Marlo Thomas

The One With the Lesbian Wedding (S2 EP11)

The One With The Two Parties (S2 EP22)

The One With the Baby Shower (S8 EP20)

Marlo Thomas
Twitter Marlo Thomas

You'll know her as Ann Marie on That Girl, but in Friends she's Rachel's mother, Sandra Green. Sandra is visiting Rachel to tell her she wants a divorce, then asks more inappropriate questions about sex, before requesting marijuana. It's a lot.

Selma Blair

The One With Christmas in Tulsa (S9 EP10)

Selma Blair

Cruel Intentions' Selma Blair stars as Wendy, Chandler's co-worker hell bent on seducing him. She steals ham from a party then proceeds to throw herself at Chandler.

Gabrielle Union

The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress (S7 EP17)

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union (Bring It On) stars as Kristen Lang. Ross and Joey meet her as she's moving into an apartment in their block. Both ask her out and then manage to fight with each other while on a date with her.

Morgan Fairchild and Jay Leno

The One With Mrs Bing (S1 EP11)

Mrs Bing Friends

Morgan Fairchild stars as Chandler's mother, Nora, an erotic writer who has previously made out with her son's friends. She later brought Jay Leno on the show as she's interviewed by him.

Kristin Davis

The One With Ross' Library Book (S7 EP7)

Erin Friends

Things don't go quite the way Joey plans when he brings back Erin, played by the Sex and City star. Rachel and Phoebe meet her before Joey can make a move and become best mates with her.

Sean Penn

The One With the Halloween Part (S8 EP6)

Sean Penn Friends

Penn stars as Eric, Ursula's fiancé, who ends up in hot water when he realises he doesn't quite know her as well as he thought. Eric turned up to Monica and Chandler's Halloween party dressed as the solar system - he's a second grade teacher so it's fitting.

John Stamos

The One With the Donor (S9 EP22)

John Stamos Friends

Full House star Stamos stars as Zack, another of Chandler's co-workers. Chandler invites Zack to dinner to basically get him to donate his sperm, but they don't things directly. Instead Chandler and Monica grill him with questions about sperm.

Ben Stiller

The One With the Screamer (S3)

Ben Stiller stars as Tommy in the third season. Tommy is a very very angry man that dates Rachel but as the date enfolds it becomes clear he has quite the short fuse. He shouts at the chick and the duck which says it all.

Freddie Prinze Jnr

The One With the Male Nanny (S9)

Starring as Sandy, Freddie Prinze Jnr really threw him into playing the nanny. He looks after baby Emma in the season nine arc but Ross isn't too keen...


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