Amanda Abbington and Mindy Kaling have bonded over their love of drunk Sherlock

Who knew a drunken Baker Street detective could bring two people together?


It may have divided fans when it was first broadcast but Sherlock’s The Sign of Three has facilitated more than one holy union – first it brought Mary and John together, and now it’s proved the perfect catalyst for Mindy Kaling and Amanda Abbington to forge a Twitter friendship.


Comedy stalwart Kaling took to Twitter to share her love of drunk Sherlock and John, and it wasn’t long before Amanda Abbington spotted her message.

Abbington promised to share the news with her husband, Martin Freeman, much to Kaling’s delight.

Then Abbington revealed she was a bit of a Kaling superfan…


Someone call Steven Moffat – there’s still time to write Mindy into series four, right?