Being Bridget Jones

Being Bridget Jones


Bridget Jones came bustling into our lives counting calories and cigarettes in the form of an anonymously-written column in The Independent in 1995. Over two decades later, with a series of novels and three hit Hollywood films, Bridget Jones remains beloved by women everywhere – regardless of her embarrassing antics and tumultuous love life.

This documentary follows Bridget’s creator, Helen Fielding. From her days spent at Oxford University dating Richard Curtis to gossiping in the pub with girlfriends as she began a career in journalism, we delve into the real-life inspiration behind Bridget. We also hear from the original cast of the films – Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

Why is Bridget, 25 years after her inception, still so adored? Zellweger says it best: “She fails at pretending to be what she’s not and that’s what makes us love her so much”. You’ll fancy a large glass of Pinot Grigio after this trip down memory lane!


Documentary celebrating 25 years of Helen Fielding's hapless creation. The programme examines the ways in which society's attitudes to women have shifted in 25 years, along with the ways in which female writers have told their own stories since Bridget made her debut. Featuring interviews with Helen Fielding, and the friends she based the original characters on, as well as tributes from celebrity fans.

Cast & Crew

Director Alex Harding
Executive Producer Tanya Hudson
Producer Alex Harding