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Chatty Man Alan Carr on cruises and being "stuck on a boat" with "boring" people

At the TTG Travel Awards 2013, the comic revealed that he didn't like cruises but would like to travel with Gok Wan, Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper logo
Published: Thursday, 12th September 2013 at 11:59 am

Comedian Alan Carr recently said he loves to travel but wasn’t entirely convinced by the idea of a cruise.


In an interview at the TTG Travel Awards 2013, the Chatty Man explained that he has trouble with people following him around hotels, and this problem would be magnified on a cruise ship:

"The trouble is you're stuck on a boat and, you know what? When you're at a hotel there's always someone's who's boring and they always sort of latch onto me. I'm not being miserable," he said to TTG editor Sophie Griffiths.

"But you know, they're like 'come and sit at my table' and like, no. But I think if I'm on a ship I would be stuck with them and I'd bump into them all the time."

The Chatty Man star recently visited Barcelona and Mykonos on holiday, but he “loved Rio” as a destination. The comic, who has also been to Mexico and Argentina, explained that everyone is good looking in South America: “Everyone’s fit down in South America, even the tramps are like ‘woof,’" he joked.

If Carr could travel with any other celeb it would be “Gok Wan,” as well as “Channing Tatum” and “Bradley Cooper,” he explained at the awards.

Carr has his sights on Scandinavia next, “I’d like to do there because it’s meant to be lovely innit,” said Carr. Particularly “Norway,” and “Sweden”.

Alan Carr attended the TTG Travel Awards 2013 on Tuesday at Odeon Leicester Square to celebrate the movers and shakers in the travel industry.


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