In 2021 Sky threw out their tradition of complicated wires, boxes and satellite dishes in favour putting all their apps and services into one sleek device: Sky Glass. Now, they’re taking that scaled back approach even further with the brand-new Sky Live.


This week, Sky announced the release of Sky Live, an interactive camera designed to turn your TV into an all-round gaming, fitness, and video experience.

Designed exclusively for Sky Glass, Sky Live combines some of the key functions of a laptop, tablet and games console into your smart TV. The device has four main features: Video Call, Watch Together, Play and Workout.

In essence these functions allow you to chat with friends, have games nights and do private fitness sessions all from your living room. Giving you everything from Monopoly to yoga, Sky hopes their device will be used by every generation.

Ahead of the release, Global Chief Product Officer Fraser Stirling said: “We surprised everyone when we launched our streaming TV, Sky Glass, in 2021. Now we’re doing it again. Sky Live makes your TV much more than just a TV, by introducing new entertainment experiences for the heart of your home.

"Get active with motion control games, work out with body tracking technology, video call on the big screen and watch TV with loved ones – even from afar."

This week the tech team at got to have a closer look at the Sky Live. At a press event in London, we got to try out the four main features and get a better understanding on how this device can enhance your TV.

The Sky Live is available to buy now with prices starting from £6 a month. Remember it’s for Sky Glass customers only, so you’ll need an existing smart TV or can buy a new one with your Sky Live from £17 a month.

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So, to help you decide if it’s worth it, here’s what you need to know about the Sky Live.

Buy the Sky Live from £6 a month at Sky

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What is Sky Live?

Sky Live interactive camera

Sky Live is an interactive camera that connects to your Sky Glass smart TV.

In term of appearance, it’s a small black box that can fit into the palm of your hand (a bit like the Sky Stream Puck), which will magnetically stick to the top of your TV and, once plugged in, automatically integrate itself into your Sky Glass setup.

Exclusively available for Sky Glass owners, the Sky Live will not work for Sky Stream or Sky Q and will come with a brand-new Sky Glass remote that works across the whole TV.

For a closer look at Sky's own brand of smart TVs, you can read our guide to what is Sky Glass? And be sure to check out the best Sky Glass offers for this month.

Buy the Sky Live from £6 a month at Sky

What can the Sky Live do?

The Sky Live has a 12MP HDR wide-angle camera, with in-built auto-framing and body tracking technology – meaning it can zoom in and out to focus on the people in the room. Plus, it has a microphone featuring background and noise suppression.

For privacy, the Sky Live also features a white LED light to let you know it’s on and has a button on top that you can press to completely turn off all camera and microphone functions.

Now onto what the Sky Live actually does – On release, the functions of the Sky Live can be split into four main features: Video Call, Watch Together, Play and Workout.

We’ll take a look at each of these features in depth but, in summary, the Sky Live gives your smart TV the functions of a tablet, phone and games console all in one. It allows your device to become a hub for video calls, fitness sessions and family game nights through dozens of apps on the Sky navigation system.

Buy the Sky Live from £6 a month at Sky

What is Sky Live: Video Call?

Anyone who worked or studied through lockdown is surely best buds with the virtual meeting platform, Zoom. Well now, Sky has paired up with Zoom to put video calls into your Sky Glass TV.

With Sky Live, you can join and start meetings in the same way you would on a laptop or phone and can even switch a call from TV to tablet at the click of a button. Because of the Live’s auto-tracking technology, the camera will adjust as different people enter and leave the room and can follow you as you move around.

The only things that differ is that you won’t be able to schedule meetings from the TV and if you want to share your screen, you’ll have to first cast the image from your phone onto your Glass.

The tech team also got to have a look at the Sky Live’s new video booth function; an app with social media-style filters and AR that allows you to send cute videos and pictures to your friends. On release the app has over 40 Augmented Reality scenarios and filters, including Trolls, Paw Patrol, and the Sky Sports news desk. Using the remote, you can then record a clip or picture of yourself in this filter and then transfer the video to your phone using a QR code.

What is Sky Live: Play?

People playing a game on Sky Live's Play function

Play is a section entirely devoted to hands-free entertainment and games on the big screen. By partnering up with gaming companies like Nex, the Sky Live has 14 apps and 27 games ready at launch, with many more on the way.

The Sky Live’s Play section has games that fit into two categories: remote controlled and motion controlled.

For remote controlled, the highlight is games like Monopoly which you can play online, on your own, or with other players in the room by passing around the Sky Glass remote. You can also pause and come back to the game if, like in most families, a row breaks out or someone walks off bored.

For motion controlled, the team got to try out classic games like Fruit Ninja, where you now slice through thin air instead of on a screen. There’s also Starri, a new music-based game where you move in time to the notes, and a selection of story games based on children’s characters like Peppa Pig and Scooby Doo.

What is Sky Live: Watch Together?

Another function borne out of lockdown is Watch Together. With this, you and other Sky Glass owners can watch any live or on-demand content in video call with each other’s faces on screen.

To do this, you can either find the programme you want and select the “Watch Together” button, or head over to the “Watch Together” section and create a room which your friends can join with a unique number code. Up to 12 TVs can join your room, although only four at a time will appear on the side of the screen.

Once in the room, you can adjust the sound so that either the TV or your friends are louder. Plus, anyone in the room can pause, fast forward or change what’s on for everyone else.

What is Sky Live: Workout?

Someone working out in front of their Sky Live

If you have a busy schedule, or aren’t one to exercise in gyms, Sky Live’s workout function is a brand-new system for home fitness. Mvmnt on Sky Live has over 130 workout videos and 230 exercises dedicated to strength, cardio, balance, and meditation.

In each workout, the motion tracking tech can analyse your movements and give you real-time feedback while you’re exercising. Then, at the end, you’ll be given a score based on your exercise and verbal targets from the trainer in your video. You can also use the companion mobile app to schedule and plan your workouts and track your progress over time.

Plus, the workouts can be tailored to your living space. So if you live in a small house, you can choose a video that has less movement, or if you live in a flat, you can choose “Drop the Impact” which will mean less heavy movements and therefore less noise for your neighbours.

Sky Live UK release date

The Sky Live is on sale from today: Thursday 22nd June.

If you order now, you can expect your new device within two working days. But remember, you need to have an existing Sky Glass TV or order a new Sky Glass TV if you want your Sky Live to work – it won’t be compatible with Sky Stream, Sky Q or any other smart TV.

Buy the Sky Live from £6 a month at Sky

Sky Live UK price

The total cost for a Sky Live camera is £290. However, if you don’t want to pay upfront, Sky is offering a contract in which you pay just £6 a month over the course of 48 months, or £12 for 24 months.

If you're short a Sky Glass, you can also buy one now from £14 a month for the 43'' and can even get the first month for just £11.

How to buy and set up Sky Live

To buy Sky Live, you simply have to head over to the Sky website and find the Sky Live on its own or under “Glass”.

Once you’ve ordered your shiny new toy, all you need to do is plug the camera into your Sky Glass’ HDMI and USB-C ports, then stick the box at the top of the TV.

You should use the tilt adjuster to make sure your whole body is in view of the camera, and Sky recommends that you stand at least 0.8 metres away from the TV when using your Sky Live. Finally, you can make the best out of the device by making sure the room you’re in is well-lit and free of clutter that could confuse the motion tracking tech.

Buy the Sky Live from £6 a month at Sky

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