UK sports broadcaster BT Sport has undergone a rebrand and is now known as TNT Sports.


The channel changed its name and branding for the 2023/4 Premier League and Premiership rugby season, making this year's Champions League Final (on the 10th of June) the last major sporting event to ever appear on BT Sport.

The change has come after BT Sport was bought by Warner Bros Discovery, a company that also owns Eurosport.

Over time, the plan is for BT Sport and Eurosport to merge under the TNT Sports brand and become one channel that shows everything from domestic football and rugby to major worldwide events like the Olympics.

But for now, the only change you need to know about is that BT Sport’s name has become TNT Sports and that the channel can now be found on streaming service Discovery Plus.

So, what exactly is TNT Sports? And what does this mean for UK subscribers? Here’s everything you need to know about the rebranding.

For now, you can still sign up to this new channel through BT Sport, and you can still check out the best BT Sport offers available this month. Plus, for more information, check out our Discovery+ UK guide.

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Why did BT Sport change its name to TNT Sports?

BT Sport has changed its name because the brand has been bought and taken over by Warner Bros. Discovery; a massive media conglomerate that also owns Eurosport.

The merger between Warner Bros Discovery and BT Group was completed in a deal worth up to £650m and has seen TNT Sports take over all of BT Sport’s current channels, including Premier League football and Premiership rugby.

The change has been designed to streamline UK and European sport into one brand, putting everything from football to UFC under one roof, and improving on what BT Sport can offer its customers.

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

What is TNT Sports?

Before the change, TNT Sports was a hub for domestic and European football in South America, but following the merger, it is the new name for BT Sport. The channel is controlled by Warner Bros. Discovery and now has a dedicated brand in the UK for all things football and rugby.

What is Warner Bros Discovery?

Warner Bros. Discovery is a multinational mass media conglomerate that owns some of the biggest brands in entertainment today. Among its many brands are HBO, CNN, New Line Cinema, and of course, Warner Bros itself.

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Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

How will you be able to watch TNT Sports in the UK?

There are a few ways to get TNT Sports in the UK.

If you already had the BT Sport TV channels, all that will happen is a change in name. Moreover, you can continue to watch TNT Sports on the BT Sport app for now. Meaning you don't have to do anything to get TNT Sports.

However, if you're signing up to TNT Sports from scratch, you will need to do so through the streaming service Discovery+. The Discovery+ app will become the new home for TNT Sports, eventually replacing the BT Sport app. You can sign up to this either through Discovery+ itself or through Amazon Prime.

Plus, you can also sign up to TNT Sports through Sky. For an extra £25 a month you can add TNT Sports to your Sky Sports package, meaning you can get all your favourite sports channels in one place.

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

Get a 30-day TNT Sports free trial through Amazon Prime

Get TNT Sports on Sky Sports for £25 a month

How much does TNT Sports cost?

No changes in price have been announced yet for the transition from BT Sport to TNT Sports, but they haven’t been ruled out either.

Right now, it costs £29.99 a month to get TNT Sports, whether that's through your old BT account, Discovery+ or Amazon Prime.

Plus, as we've said, you can get it through Sky for an extra £25 a month.

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

Get a 30-day TNT Sports free trial through Amazon Prime

Get TNT Sports on Sky Sports for £25 a month

Does TNT Sports have a UK free trial?

Yes! As a matter of fact it does. If you sign up to Discovery+ through Amazon Prime, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial to see how you like it. After that, you'll be paying £29.99 a month, plus the normal Amazon Prime cost of £8.99 a month.

Get a 30-day TNT Sports free trial through Amazon Prime

What did BT Sport show?

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Getty / Stu Forster

BT Sport was best known as the place to go for Premiership rugby, UFC and a chunk of Premier League and Champions League football. The brand started back in 2013 and now has five channels (BT Sport 1-4 and BT Sport Ultimate) and 17 sports to its name.

Here is the full list of sports you can find on TNT Sports (formerly BT):

  • Premier and Champions League football
  • Rugby Union
  • UFC
  • WWE
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Motorsport
  • MotoGP
  • Baseball
  • eSports
  • AFL (Aussie Rules)
  • Badminton
  • Extreme Sports
  • Fishing
  • Hockey
  • Sailing
  • Squash

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

When was the merger agreed?

Warner Bros Discovery confirmed its merger with BT Group in September 2022. It was then announced that the companies had agreed to a brand that would eventually join the assets BT Sport and Eurosport UK together.

At the time Andrew Georgiou, President and Managing Director of Warner Bros Discovery Sports Europe, said: “Today marks the start of our journey to build a new sports destination for fans in the U.K and Ireland. Combining BT Sport and Eurosport U.K. together with Warner Bros Discovery’s world-class and growing entertainment offering will result in an exciting new proposition for consumers.”

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month

When will BT Sport be merged with Eurosport?

For the time being, Eurosport will remain its own entity. The channel currently shows a mixture of Grand Slam tennis, snooker, winter sports, and select football and rugby. It will also remain the lead broadcaster for the Olympic games until the Paris Olympics in 2024.

It has not yet been announced when the two brands will become one, but we’ll be sure to update you when we know more. For now, we have a guide to how to watch Eurosport in the UK.

Sign up to TNT Sports through BT Sport for £29.99 a month


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