There were many exciting reveals surrounding the PlayStation 5 at the event that was recently held, including the PS5 release date and price that we have been all been anxiously waiting for some time now.


On top of all the new gameplay we were treated to, fans were given a surprise with the reveal of the PlayStation Plus Collection, a series of games that have been huge for the PlayStation 4- as well as other consoles in the case of certain games.

For all that is due to be released for the new console, head over to our list of all the games confirmed for the PlayStation 5, and check out our video game release dates page for news on what is coming to all consoles- including the Xbox Series X.

But what is the PlayStation Plus Collection? Here is all we know so far?

What is the PlayStation Plus Collection?

ps plus collection

Think Xbox Gamespass for PlayStation- the PlayStation Plus Collection is a whole load of games that you will be able to download and play for a monthly cost. Mixing exclusive PlayStation titles such as God of War with classic cross-platform games such as Batman: Arkham Knight, it is a great service that will only keep getting bigger with more titles promised to be added in the coming months.

How do I get the PlayStation Plus Collection?

You will be able to sign up, presumably via the PlayStation Store, as soon as your PlayStation 5 is set up and ready to go. Being a digital service, all games will be downloadable and as such, you could find yourself running out of space if you plan to have them all ready to play at a moments notice. So you may wish to invest in a hard drive; and a big one at that. You can currently buy a 4tb external hard drive at Amazon for £79.99 which should give you ample space.

How much will the PlayStation Plus Collection cost?

god of war

Sony have remained tight-lipped on this at the moment but more news must be imminent seeing as the collection will be available on November 19th when the new console launches. At a guess, we would think a monthly cost of anywhere between £10-£15 to be the most likely as, despite being impressive, it is no match for the Xbox Gamespass that is currently only £7.99 for the standard version.

Can I get the PlayStation Plus Collection on the PS4?

Unfortunately not. While many had hoped they would be able to pick up some good PlayStation 4 deals and take advantage of all the exclusives that can be played, it has since been confirmed that this will only be available for the PS5- which makes sense despite being a shame.

What games are included in the PlayStation Plus Collection?

last of us remaster

More games are due to be added, presumably after launch, so expect this list to grow but here is what has been confirmed so far.

God of War
The Last of Us: Remastered
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Battlefield 1
Monster Hunter World
Fallout 4
Final Fantasy XV
The Last Guardian
Ratchet and Clank
Infamous: Second Son
Days Gone
Detroit: Become Human
Batman Arkham Knight
Mortal Kombat X
Persona 5
Until Dawn
Resident Evil: Biohazard

While not a huge list, it is still a good one with some critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusives among the titles. The Last of Us Remastered is a must-play while games like Days Gone, God of War and Until Dawn have been wowing gamers since release.

To put it into comparison and assuming we are right about the cost, The Last of Us: Remastered on Amazon is £12.99 itself- so it really should be a fantastic saving to play a lot of beloved games.

On the non-PS exclusive front, Fallout 4 is impressive and will take up many hours of your time, while Batman: Arkham Knight is a stunning game that is a ton of fun to play- even if we could have done with a little less time in the Batmobile. Final Fantasy 15 being among the games included is also a nice touch considering we have just had Final Fantasy 16 announced.


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