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Outriders classes: Best Outriders path for your style of play

There are four classes in Outriders - but which is the best?

Outriders lets you team up with friends in groups of three.
People Can Fly/Square Enix
Published: Wednesday, 31st March 2021 at 5:11 pm

Like any good RPG, Outriders lets you choose between four different classes for your character, each with different powers and abilities.


Known as Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and Trickster, these four names will soon become valued allies in your journey across Enoch - and one of them will even become your chosen path all the way through.

If you've played the Outriders demo, you'll know you can create different characters to try out all four classes - but if you'd rather save the time, we've broken down the four classes below so you can find one to match your playstyle.

Given that co-op only supports up to three players, you may want to make your choice very carefully.

What is the best Outriders class for my playstyle?

Choosing the correct class is important - unless you decide to create a brand new character, your Outriders path is permanent throughout the 40-hour campaign, as well as some rather challenging endgame expeditions.

It's worth pointing out that each class can be customised using skills and the sub-class skill tree, meaning you can mould each class to your particular preference. However, each class was clearly designed to suit a particular playstyle - whether it be tank, sniper, hit-and-run, or tactical - and you'll benefit more if you choose the path most suited to your technique and ideal engagement distance.

It's also worth bearing in mind that some characters are designed to work as support for when you're playing on the game's cross-play online mode, so solo players will likely want to choose a close-range class.


Outriders Devastator
Devastator is the tank of the group. Square Enix

Class Traits:

  1. Additional 15 per cent maximum Health.
  2. Armor by 30 per cent.
  3. Every close-range kill heals you by 24 per cent of your maximum health.

With arguably the coolest name, Devastator is the tank class of Outriders. Designed for close-range combat, Devastator acts as a sturdy bullet sponge that can plough through enemies and push the frontline forward. The extra health boost for killing close range enemies supports this aggressive playstyle, and his earth-based powers mean you can cluster enemies into a single zone rather than being overwhelmed from all sides.

Devastator is an excellent choice for solo players - especially newer players - as his survivability means you can weather even the most hectic situations. However, he also makes a great co-op choice also due to his ability to draw fire away from teammates and still live to fight another day.


Get ready for superpowered shooting with Outriders.
Get ready for super-powered shooting with Outriders. People Can Fly/Square Enix

Class Traits:

  1. Receive additional 10 per cent Anomaly Power.
  2. Skills mark damaged enemies for 15 seconds.
  3. Killing a marked heals you by 24 per cent of your maximum Health.
A medium-range fire-based class, Pyromancer is more of a tactical choice than the other classes. Pyromancer will appeal to those who often choose mages in RPGs, with Pyromancer's conjuring abilities creating flame attacks that will devastate enemies within a medium-range radius. 
However, players may have a hard time using Pyromancer in solo, as marking enemies with fire skills before killing them in order to gain health can require a lot of juggling. Pyromancer works a lot better in co-op, where their status-inflicting abilities are ideal for weakening enemies for other players.


Is Outriders crossplay? Here's everything you need to know.
Square Enix

Class Traits:

  1. Increase long-range weapon damage by 15 per cent.
  2. Increase Skill Leech by 15 per cent.
  3. Increase Weapon Leech by 15 per cent.

A support sniper, Technomancer was designed to pick off enemies at a distance thanks to its long-range weapon boosts. Technomancer has the best healing abilities in the game, and can summon gadgets such as rocket launchers and miniguns that cause elemental damage.

While you certainly could adapt Technomancer for a solo playthrough, the class was clearly designed as co-op support. Some of Technomancer's skills are geared towards helping allies - it is the only class that can heal other teammates – and their long-range attacks are much more effective aiding an ally who is getting up close and personal.


Outriders Trickster
Trickster has some devastating close-range abilities. Square Enix.

Class Traits:

  1. Receive additional 5 per cent maximum Health.
  2. Active Shield grants 5 per cent damage mitigation.
  3. Every close-range kill heals you by 20 per cent of your maximum Health and grants you 12% Shield.

Trickster may take some practice, but has the potential to be the most powerful - and the most fun. Trickster is also a close-range choice, but with a focus on mobility unlike Devastator's armour, meaning you can zip in to deal damage to enemies and escape before they retaliate. His abilities focus on bending time and space also, and can be used for defence just as much as aggression.

Trickster's close-range focus means that just like Devastator he makes a great solo choice - just for the hit-and-run player rather than those who prefer tanks. Trickster would also certainly pair well with any of the other classes in co-op, with their time bubble also doubling as a shield for squadmates.

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