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What time is Mario Golf Super Rush released? Plus download size, trailer, pre-order and latest news

Mario swaps his pipes for his clubs in this new game.

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Published: Thursday, 24th June 2021 at 10:45 am

Mario is a man of many talents. He's a plumber by trade, but the iconic Nintendo character sure does know his way around the golf course as well, as fans will learn in the upcoming Mario Golf Super Rush game.


This is not the first Mario golf game, as long-term fans of the franchise will know. The red-hat-wearing gaming icon first showed off his skills with the clubs back in 1987's NES Open Tournament Golf. Many more Mario golf games followed, with the most recent one being 2014's Mario Golf: World Tour on the Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Golf Super Rush is the first of these golfing games to launch on the Nintendo Switch, and its release date is upon us. So if you're keen to hit the golf course once again with that beloved Italian plumber, it won't be long before you get your chance.

Read on for all the essential details on Mario Golf Super Rush, starting with that all-important release date and time as well as download size.

When is Mario Golf Super Rush release date?

Not too long to go now until we can take to the course with the world's best-moustached plumber as his golfing adventures will be with us on 25th June, 2021.

We'll probably just head off and replay Mario Odyssey while we wait for the release!

What time does Mario Golf Super Rush come out?

Mario Golf Super Rush is expected to be released 9:00pm PT on 24th June in the US and 12:00am ET and importantly, 12:00am BST on 25th June in the UK.

These are the usual times Nintendo releases their first-party titles, but they could vary on the day.

Is there a Mario Golf Super Rush pre-order bonus?

No there is no pre-order bonus for a digital copy of the game, but there is a nice water bottle with the game's logo at Amazon. In the USA Best Buy is also offering a golf bag tag when you get a physical copy, or GameStop is offering a pin set.

For both generations of consoles. GAME and Smyths are just two of the places you can head to in order to make sure you get a copy of the game on release day too. Smyths is currently the cheaper of the two for £44.99 - £5 cheaper than we have seen in most other places.

Mario Golf Super Rush file size and how to preload

If you pre-order a digital copy of the game from Nintendo eShop you can preload the game. The file size is 4.9MB, that's twice the size of Mario Tennis Aces.

What platforms can I get Mario Golf Super Rush on?

The name Mario should have given away the answer to this but being a Nintendo exclusive means there is only one console that this will be launched on - the Nintendo Switch!

Read more:

Mario Golf Super Rush gameplay

mario golf

Well, it's essentially golf so the aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible - and to jump around the room cheering while texting everyone you know if you manage to get a hole in one - a golfer's dream!

Whoever it is in the game that gets to the end of the course with the fewest number of shots taken is the winner.

When you hit the ball with the club you can either do it with some old fashioned button pressing, or you can take advantage of the Switch motion controllers and take a shot that way - a nice way to mix things up if you fancy a change while you are playing.

There are some new modes that have been added for this latest Mario golf game including 'Speed Golf' which has everyone playing at the same time in a mad rush to the hole - dealing with several obstacles that have been put in the way in the process.

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There is also Battle Golf which, like Speed Golf, is a bit of a free-for-all and has players going head to head to putt balls into a series of holes dotted around the special arena course.

There is a story mode here, Golf Adventure, but don't expect a fully realised and detailed narrative as it is incorporated into a standard golf game with some role-playing elements - think of how FIFA's Journey mode worked but probably less detailed.

Is there a trailer for Mario Golf Super Rush?

Yep! Check out the trailer that was released by Nintendo back in February and it should give you a good idea of the sort of golf game you will be playing. Only time will tell if it's one of the best Nintendo Switch games, but for now, here's the trailer:

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