To mark the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, we have the star of the movie himself joining Fortnite - that's LeBron James, not Bugs Bunny - although maybe there is hope for Bugs at some point down the line.


"The King has arrived" is what Epic GAmes told us via a blog post and a string of social media posts, and we are delighted that we can finally start playing as the basketball legend.

He joins a list of many characters from the outside world who have made the leap to being in the game and we currently have the likes of Rick Sanchez in the game to find.

To find out all the key details on this LeBron James Fortnite crossover - including the release date and the price it costs to get involved - keep on reading for all we know!

LeBron James Fornite skin explained

Epic Games has confirmed that there are actually two separate LeBron James outfits that have been added to Fortnite. The official blog states that each of these options w include "King James’ upcoming signature shoe, the Nike LeBron 19." Beyond that, though, the two skins are quite different! Below you'll find the essential details on what's in each of the skins:

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The Lebron James outfit

Lebron James Outfit in Fortnite
Epic Games

The blog describes the LeBron James outfit (pictured above) like so: "Stylish and imposing, the LeBron James Outfit blends the best of LeBron's on-court and pre-game persona. It includes the LeBron James Outfit and the King’s Back Bling. Sunglasses optional!" This skin also has a slider that allows you to "add more than 20 gold variations of the outfit."

The Tune Squad LeBron outfit

Tune Squad Lebron outfit
Epic Games

The Tune Squad LeBron outfit includes his Space Jam sports kit (pictured at the top of this page) and a more casual look that has been dubbed Lebron's Taco Tuesday style variant (pictured above). This skin also includes the Pack Supreme Back Bling, which will apparently let you "take a guac on LeBron’s wild side."

LeBron James Fortnite skin release date

Both of the LeBron James outfits arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop on Wednesday 14th July at 8pm ET - in the UK, they became available at 1am BST on the morning of Thursday 15th July.

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How to get LeBron James skin in Fortnite

If you want to dress up as LeBron in Fortnite, you simply need to head to the Fortnite Item Shop after 8pm ET on Wednesday 14th July and buy whichever skins you want from the options outlined above. You can buy any of the bits you want, or you could choose to buy the whole lot by purchasing The King James Bundle (which also includes a special 'Court's in Session' loading screen image).

How much is the LeBron James Fortnite skin?

To get the bundle, it will set you back 2,500 V-bucks for the bundle wgich has been reduced down from 3500 - not a bad little v-buck saving there!

It's also 1800 v-bucks if you just want the gear set whereas other LeBron related items are anywhere from 200 to 2000 v-bucks.

When does the LeBron James skin leave Fortnite?

We do not have an exact date as to when LeBron will be leaving us in Fortnite, but we should have him around for at leats another week or so yet.

As for who will be next to be added to the game from the real world, all signs are pointing to a certain man with ridicuously large muscles called Dwayne Johnson...

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