The time has very nearly come for The Last of Us remake, formally known as The Last of Us Part I, to celebrate its release date in the UK and beyond.


As we said in our five-star The Last of Us Part I review, "This game is worthy of your time. The Last of Us Part I brings that original TLOU game (which first launched on PS3 way back in 2013) right up to modern visual standards, enhancing the graphics in all areas - from the character models to the level of detail in the environments, everything feels significantly richer than it did back in the day."

The Last of Us Part I also includes the Left Behind DLC and a lot of new accessibility options, but it will not include the multiplayer mode that came with the original game. If that sounds just fine to you, keep on reading and we'll run through all the key details.

When is The Last of Us remake release date?

The Last of Us Part I release date is Friday 2nd September 2022, the developers have confirmed. You can place your order now from GAME or the retailer of your choice.

Basically, there isn't long to wait! Certainly, you should have time to play it before The Last of Us TV show comes out.

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What time does The Last of Us remake come out?

For players in the UK, The Last of Us Part I will launch at midnight BST on the morning of Friday 2nd September.

To check the release time where you are, you can consult the official Tweet below!

Can you pre-order The Last of Us remake?

You can indeed pre-order The Last of Us Part I over at GAME. The price is currently listed at £69.99, which let's be honest, is certainly on the pricey side for a remake.

Which platforms is The Last of Us remake on?

PC gamers will be able to get the game with it being confirmed that it will be heading to the platform upon release. But as far as consoles go, it is only the PS5 that will home it - which should come as a surprise to nobody.

The Last of Us remake story and gameplay

The Last of Us was one of the best games in recent-ish, years and it is unlikely that there are many PlayStation owners who have not at least given it a go out of curiosity.

So telling you what the game is about in too much detail feels a tad redundant, but there are infected running around and you, Joel, are tasked with escorting a girl named Ellie to safety. That's as bare bones as you can get with The Last of Us, but part of the beauty of the game is what you learn as it goes on - and it starts with quite the moment.

The story will be unchanged here – nobody wants to try playing around with that – but the difference will come with the visuals. The game will look gorgeous, and we say that with certainty because the OG version still does for its time.

And you will find that many of the changes included in The Last of Us Part II will be present and accounted for here. The original game's DLC, Left Behind, will be included and will be given the same treatment.

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Is there a The Last of Us remake trailer?

The dazzling new visuals for The Last of Us Part I are on full display in the trailer - and here it is for you to watch below!

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