The Halo Infinite release date is a mysterious beast. The game has already launched in multiplayer form, and the main story campaign has launched as well, but there are still more dates to look forward to in future.


The Halo Infinite co-op release date is one of the key beats still to come, with many fans waiting patiently for their chance to play the main campaign online with a friend. You can call on support from AI troops in the current campaign, but that's hardly the same thing as having your mates by your side in battle.

Halo Infinite Forge, the game's level-editor mode, is also yet to launch. The release date for that handy feature is expected to come at some point in 2022, and it's sure to inspire lots of fans to put their own spin on the game.

The Halo Infinite developers have also promised a future update that will let you replay campaign missions without having to restart the entire campaign, but we don't know a date for that feature yet either.

That's not to mention Halo Infinite season 2, the next series of online content in the game's multiplayer mode, the release date for which should bring a whole new battle pass of challenges, skins and other goodies.

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Plus, it seems obvious that there will be more story content for Halo Infinite at some point, but when exactly will that DLC arrive and what will it look like? So much is still unclear about the upcoming Halo Infinite release dates, but you can read on for all the essential information!

Halo Infinite season 2 release date

The Halo Infinite season 2 release date is believed to be falling in May 2022. That's when multiplayer gamers can expect their new battle pass, which should bring heaps of new skins to unlock, weapons to try and maybe even some new maps and game modes to experience. It should be fun!

Halo Infinite co-op release date

The Halo Infinite co-op campaign release date will occur in May 2022 at the earliest - 343 has not put an official date on the co-op campaign yet, but the developers have said that it won't arrive until Halo Infinite season 2 is underway. That's how we know it won't be any sooner than May 2022.

Halo Infinite Forge release date

The Halo Infinite Forge release date will not occur until summer 2022 at the earliest. Forge, the level-editor mode for Halo Infinite, is planned to launch during Halo Infinite season 3. And considering that season 2 won't start until May, you won't see Forge until a few months after that.

Halo Infinite next story chapter DLC release date

The next story chapter for Halo Infinite is yet to receive a confirmed release date, and we don't know at this stage whether it will drop like a traditional DLC or be packaged as a new product. We'd expect the former, though, for reasons we'll get into further down this article.

As official dates are confirmed for Forge, co-op and any other significant post-launch content drops, we'll be sure to update this page!

Halo Infinite campaign release date

Master Chief returns on the Halo Infinite campaign release date.
Master Chief returned on the Halo Infinite campaign release date.

The Halo Infinite campaign release date took place on Wednesday 8th December 2021, with the game's main story launching on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X/S at 6pm BST for players here in the UK.

So if you haven't already jumped into it, you should definitely go and check out the Halo Infinite campaign now to get that Master Chief fix.

Halo Infinite multiplayer release date

Prior to that, the Halo Infinite multiplayer release date took place on 16th November 2021, allowing fans to jump in and play a variety of player-versus-player (PvP) modes for the first time.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer has been widely praised, and we're looking forward to seeing how it grows and adapts over time. After all, there should be plenty more to come on that front since Halo Infinite is envisioned as a living game that will be updated well into the future.

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Halo Infinite console and controller revealed

Microsoft revealed at Gamescom that there is a limited edition Halo Infinite version of the Xbox Series X console. There is also be a Halo Infinite version of the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2 and if you want to know what they will look like, here you go!

halo infinite console

We'll bring you more news on cool tie-in Halo Infinite products as we hear it.

What consoles and platforms will Halo Infinite be released on?

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 PC and the xCloud streaming service. So unless you're a gamer that solely sticks to PlayStation or Nintendo devices, you should have a way to play this exciting new game.

Can I pre-order Halo Infinite?

It's a bit late to be pre-ordering Halo Infinite, since the game is already out, but there are plenty of options if you want to buy a copy of the game - there is, for example, a snazzy Steelbook Edition that you can buy from Amazon for £54. Even though Halo Infinite is on Game Pass, some fans might prefer to buy it outright.

Halo Infinite gameplay

The main selling point of the Xbox Games Showcase in July 2020 was the gameplay trailer for Halo Infinite. Take a look above. The game is very traditional in its look, the environments aren't a world away, plus the weapons and vehicles. Now that we've tried the game, though, we're please to report that its combat gameplay is particularly brilliant. There are so many fun weapons to try!

Halo Infinite trailer

There have been loads of Halo Infinite trailers, so let's run through the biggest ones! First up, take a look at the game's campaign trailer, all about the story, right here:

And back in June, the packed E3 2021 schedule offered a brand new Halo Infinite trailer...

Will there be more Halo games?

343 Industries has said Halo has a long future ahead of it. “Halo Infinite is the start of our platform for the future,” said Chris Lee from 343 told IGN. “We want Infinite to grow over time, versus going to those numbered titles and having all that segmentation that we had before. It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next ten years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community.”

Future Master Chief stories will fall under the "umbrella" of Infinite still. So rather than just a one-off title, it's more of a platform. And we'll be sure to bring more news as we hear it!

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