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GTA Online update (25th March): Release time, patch notes, what’s new this week

New GTA discounts are here!

GTA Online is getting a big update today.
Published: Thursday, 25th March 2021 at 3:00 pm

GTA Online continues to be as popular as ever and, along with some great discounts, the updates are still coming weekly to give us new challenges and things to do in the game.


The updates will likely continue for some time as there is a remaster of GTA V coming for the Xbox Series X and the PS5 and by all accounts, it's a substantial one that will make the game look as if it were originally made for the latest consoles (this latest GTA has been around since the days of the PS3 and the Xbox 360).

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Information is thin on the ground for GTA 6 but that will almost certainly continue with GTA Online when it eventually does arrive, and in all likelihood, we will start to hear more concrete information about what that game has in store for us soon.

Read on for all that is new this week for GTA Online.

GTA Online Update 25th March patch notes: What is in the new update?

deadline gta online

To kick things off this week, there is a new time trial ready to go in Vinewood Hills with a Par Time of 02:35:00. You can get 2x GTA$ and RP on Adversary Mode - Deadline and Bodyguards/Associates Payout.

There is a new RC Bandito Time Trial - Cemetery with a Par Time of 01:20:00 while there is a new Premium Race called Down the Drain.

Also in the update is a new podium vehicle - the Annis RE-7B.

Meanwhile, there is a focus on Twitch Prime bonuses this week, here are the details for those:

  • 80% off Western Company Seabreeze (GTA$ 226,100 / 170,000)
  • 35% off Sparrow (GTA$ 1,179,750)
  • 10% off Kraken Avisa (GTA$ 1,390,500)

And here is everything that is discounted for this week - and there are a few surprises in there.

  • 40% off Nagasaki Stryder (GTA$ 402,000 / 301,500)
  • 40% off Western Rampant Rocket (GTA$ 555,000)
  • 40% off Nagasaki Shotaro (GTA$ 1,335,000)
  • 40% off Nagasaki Ultralight (GTA$ 399,000 / 300,000)
  • 40% off BF Raptor (GTA$ 388,800)
  • 40% off Dinka Vindicator (GTA$ 378,000)
  • 10% off Principe Lectro (GTA$ 897,750 / 675,000)
  • 40% off Maibatsu Manchez Scout (GTA$ 135,000)
  • 35% off All Clubhouses
  • 35% off Renovations Clubhouses

And here is the best of the rest that is included in today's update - including some great freebies which are always nice to see!

  • Double GTA$ & RP in Biker Work, Contracts and Challenges as well as Deadline
  • Doubled Salaries for Bodyguards and Associates
  • A free Black Principe Hoodie for logging in
  • Biker Discounts: Free Biker Jackets, plus 35% off MC Clubhouses and Clubhouse Upgrades & Modifications
  • Vehicle Discounts: 40% off the Principe Lectro, Rampant Rocket, Nagasaki Shotaro, Nagasaki Stryder, Dinka Vindicator, BF Raptor, Maibatsu Manchez Scout, and Nagasaki Ultralight
  • Prime Gaming Bonuses: Players who connect their Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get the Kosatka Submarine’s Sonar Station for free, alongside a GTA$200K bonus for playing any time this week
  • Prime Gaming Discounts: 80% off the Seabreeze plane, plus 35% off the Sparrow helicopter and the Kraken Avisa submersible

What time is the weekly GTA Online update?

Load up your console of choice and start playing, because the update rolled out this morning - 9am in the UK, on 25th March 2021, to be precise. This is the standard time for the update each week, and it gives us the whole day to start trying to do everything!

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