The time has come for the Forza Horizon 5 release date! Coming to us from Playground Games, Forza Horizon 5 launches this week on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, and you may have been playing it already if you got involved with the early access demo period.


If you haven't been making the most of early access, the countdown is very much afoot for the full release of Forza Horizon 5 - the launch time is mere hours away! Keep on reading our handy primer and we'll tell you when, and how, you can start playing this epic new racing sandbox game set in Mexico.

If you're looking for the ultimate skinny on all-things Forza Horizon 5, read on and get ready for some speedy racing action and gorgeous graphics!

Forza Horizon 5 release date

When is Forza Horizon 5 coming out? The Forza Horizon 5 release date is set for Tuesday, 9th November 2021, meaning that the game will debut right in the heart of this year's winter gaming season.

Those cold winter months are always a winner for gamers, and Forza Horizon 5 will allow us to admire some sunnier places - the game is set in Mexico - while we huddle up at home with the heating on.

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Forza Horizon 5 launch time in the UK and beyond

When can you play Forza Horizon 5? There's not long to wait now as the Forza Horizon 5 unlock time is very soon indeed!

On Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Windows 10 PC, the Forza Horizon 5 launch time will occur at 12:01am in your local time zone. So here in the UK, you'll be able to play Forza Horizon 5 from 12:01am BST on 9th November.

If you're planning to play the game on one of those platforms, then, these are the Forza Horizon 5 launch times to look our for:

  • New Zealand: 12:01am NZDT
  • Australia: 12:01am AEDT
  • Japan: 12:01am JST
  • Singapore: 12:01am SGT
  • India: 12:01am IST
  • United Arab Emirates: 12:01am GST
  • Russia: 12:01am MSK
  • South Africa: 12:01am SAST
  • United Kingdom: 12:01am BST
  • Brazil: 12:01am BRT
  • Mexico: 12:01am CT
  • Canada: 12:01am ET
  • USA: 12:01am ET

Forza Horizon 5 Steam unlock time

The Steam version of Forza Horizon 5 will release into the world at 12:01am North American Eastern Time - it's the only version of the game with one firm release date in one specific region, as opposed to a midnight launch in each region.

You'll need to translate 12:01am ET into your own local time zone, then, if you want to know when Forza Horizon 5 comes to Steam in your region. Here in the UK, for example, the Steam version of Forza Horizon 5 should go live at 05:01am GMT on 9th November.

Forza Horizon 5 beta demo release date

Is there a Forza Horizon 5 demo? And if so, is the Forza Horizon 5 demo out? When is the Forza Horizon 5 beta/demo release date? All of those are valid questions, but you might not like the answer to any of them - there is no formal demo or beta planned for Forza Horizon 5, but there is one way you can play the full game a couple of days early. Read more on that below!

Forza Horizon 5 early access release date

People that pre-order the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition will be able to access the game four days early, on 5th November, and that's the closest thing to a demo or a beta that you can get. Certainly, those extra days might help you 'get good' at the game before anyone else can!

The Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition release date took place on 5th November, so click to buy below if you want to get that early access. Or there is one slightly cheaper version to get the early access...

Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-Ons Bundle

The cheapest way to get Forza Horizon 5 early access is to buy the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-Ons bundle. As well as granting you early access, it will give you all the same perks as the Premium Edition, namely the Welcome Pack, Car Pass, VIP Membership and two game expansions (when they become available). This bundle does not include the base game, making it a handy bolt-on for anyone who's planning to play the game for free on Xbox Game Pass. More on that shortly!

Forza Horizon 5 Game Pass

Is Forza Horizon 5 free on Xbox Game Pass? The answer to that question is a nice big yes - the developers from Playground Games have confirmed that Forza Horizon 5 will launch on Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles.

Speaking to Press Start, Forza Horizon 5 Creative Director Mike Brown confirmed that Forza Horizon 5 has been built specifically with Game Pass in mind. He said: "We got very good at being a Game Pass game [on Forza Horizon 4].

"You do have to look at things differently. [...] No one ever trades you in and they might not install it, but they always own it. You’re always gonna be a little thumbnail on the dash and that means the friction to get you back in the game is very low."

When does Forza Horizon 5 come to Game Pass?

Forza Horizon 5 will come to Xbox Game Pass on console and PC at 12.01 am local time in your time zone. So here in the UK, we can jump into FH5 via Game Pass at 12.01 am GMT on 9th November. Might be worth staying up late for, this one!

Forza Horizon 5 soundtrack

What songs will be in Forza Horizon 5? Microsoft has revealed 21 songs from the soundtrack in a handy Spotify playlist, which you can check out right here:

As far as we know, there's no official custom music option in the Forza Horizon 5 game - you can't make your own radio station in the game, we don't think. Of course, you can always just mute the music in the game (in the settings menu) and listen to whatever you want via Spotify (or your music app of choice) on the side.

Forza Horizon 5 location

Where is Forza Horizon 5 located? After the UK was the home for the last game, Forza Horizon 5 will be set in sunny Mexico and the developers have gone all out to make this the best looking game in the Forza franchise yet. It has been described as "one of the most diverse Forza Horizon map the team has built" and from what we have seen of it so far, that certainly looks to be the case.

It will once again be a fully open world and the environment will change seasonally again - and this time we have things like dust storms to contend with. One of the biggest changes with this is the introduction of biomes which will give the game a different look and feel depending on where you are.

Forza Horizon 5 gameplay footage

A whopping 4.3 million people have watched the official Forza Horizon 5 gameplay demo video. If you haven't seen it already, or you just want to take another look at it, we've embedded the visually stunning clip for your viewing pleasure:

Forza Horizon 5 screenshots

Some stunning Forza Horizon 5 screenshots were shared, showcasing the game's biomes on the Xbox Wire blog, and it is safe to say that they give a great impression of how gorgeous Mexico is set to look. We have picked one to show you below but the site has many more and some videos for you to look at to see it all in more detail.

forza horizon 5 biomes

Can I pre-order Forza Horizon 5?

Yes! With the game set for release next month, pre-orders are now being taken from various places on the internet - including GAME who have it for £54.99. Smyths also has it but for £5 less at £49.99 so grab that in case that price goes up.

What consoles will Forza Horizon 5 be released on?

Will Forza Horizon 5 be on Xbox One? If you were worried about the game being locked behind a next-gen wall, don't be - Microsoft has confirmed that older consoles will be able to play the new game as well.

Forza Horizon 5 will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. You'll even be able to play it on mobile devices using Xbox Cloud Gaming, if you're that way inclined. So the answer to can you play Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One is a yes, but it won't look or play as well as it does on the current console.

If you're a member of Game Pass then you will not need to spend an extra penny as the game will be included as a day one release and you'll even be able to install it ahead of time so you can play it the second it goes live.

Sorry, Sony fans - Forza Horizon 5 will not be available on PS4 or PS5, with Microsoft chosing to keep this exclusive game on its own platforms.

What is new in Forza Horizon 5?

Other than what we have covered already, there will be new additions to the gameplay too. An example of this is the new Horizon Arcade which will pit players against each other in a series of mini-multiplayer games that can be found dotted all over the map.

One of these games already revealed is "Piñata pop" in which a cargo plane drops piñatas and the aim of the game is to pop them.

"Forza Link" is another new thing for this game and it allows you to track the current statuses of players via an AI assistant so that linking up with friends, or rivals, is now far more straightforward than it has been in the past. Players can also create custom games and races thanks to the new "Event Lab".

With the game out in a few months, look for much more information about what is coming as the weeks go by.

Forza Horizon 5 trailer

There is a Forza Horizon 5 trailer and it's a thing of beauty. We knew the Mexico setting would look good but watching this blew our minds.

And we recently got another trailer that shows off the ability to drive anywhere you like – here it is!

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