After weeks of rumours that Among Us would be coming to Fortnite, Epic Games has finally revealed an imposters-inspired mode - but it's not quite an official crossover with the biggest breakout game of 2020.


Epic Games has announced Fortnite Imposters, a brand new game mode that sees eight Agents attempt to maintain the bridge while two imposters attempt to overtake it.

If you think that sounds familiar, that's because the mode is clearly a riff on the mafia-esque gameplay popularised by Among Us.

However despite Fortnite collaborating with absolutely everyone from Guardians of the Galaxy to Ariana Grande, this appears to be more of a homage than an official crossover with Among Us creators Innersloth.

It's bad news for fans who were hoping for crewmate skins in Fortnite, but now players can enjoy the classic sleuthing game with Jonesy and co. on all of Fortnite's platforms - technically arriving ahead of the Among Us PS4 and Xbox release date.

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Here's everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Imposters mode.

What is Fortnite Imposters mode?

Epic Games
Epic Games

If you're one of the many players who have tried Among Us, then Fortnite Imposters will sound very familiar.

Up to eight players can play as Agents of the Imagined Order, while two will play as Imposters. Agents must complete Assignments on The Bridge, such as calibrating chests, delivering storm reports and repairing the famous Battle Bus.

However, Agents will not know who the Imposters are, whose job is to eliminate enough Agents to take control of The Bridge. Imposters will also have plenty of extra abilities to help them, such as the power to disable assignments, teleport players and turn all players into fan-favourite character Peely.

If Agents find a fragment of an eliminated fellow Agent, they can teleport everyone to the bridge and start a Discussion. At the end of Discussions, players can either vote to eliminate someone from The Bridge or skip their vote. Be careful though - if you vote out a fellow Agent, Imposters are one step closer to winning...

Agents win the game if they complete their Assignments or vote out all the Imposters, while Imposters are declared winners if they eliminate enough Agents to take over The Bridge.

Epic Games have released a brief trailer setting up the premise:

Communicating is of course a big part of the game - so to keep things fair public voice chat is disabled in this mode but emotes and a brand-new quick chat menu can be used to talk to your fellow players.

Players can also enjoy a custom game of Imposters with friends by selecting the 'Private' option when there are at least four players.

While clearly inspired by the viral Among Us game, Fortnite Imposters is not an official crossover but rather seems to be a homage to Innersloth's creation.

This comes as a surprise however, as rumours had suggested a proper collaboration between the two games for some time - and less than a week before the announcement the Among Us developers wrote on Twitter that a collaboration would be "super cool".

Sadly this seems to be the one Fortnite collaboration that won't actually happen - but at least we get a new take on an old formula, even without an official crossover or some new space-themed skins.

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