Amazon's latest home security device is a drone that flies around your home filming as it goes.


Ring announced the Always Home Cam, an indoor drone that flies around to give you a live feed if it spots an intruder or in case of emergency, at Amazon's Event (24th September).

The Always Home Cam launches in 2021 and was just one of the products announced at the Amazon Event, alongside a new family of Echo devices and Fire TV stick Lite.

The drone costs $249, that's about £200, though there's no news of UK pricing yet.

The device can't be flown manually, but you can set up pathways around your home so you can choose what rooms to be in.

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With a battery life of five minutes (yes, it's short), the drone makes one-minute trips before heading back to the hub to recharge.

From a flight you get 1080p footage which you view in the Ring app.

If you're worried about the drone filming when you're unaware don't worry, the drone's camera is blocked when it's docked. When it's flying the drone also makes a noise to alert you.

The Always Home Cam also has obstacle avoidance tech to stop it crashing into things, it's 5x7x7 inches and has grills on its propellers.

The drone is motion detection driven, and if one of your other Ring devices has an alert the drone flies to check out what's going on.

Always Home Cam is an intriguing security alternative, but with a limit on flight time, it probably won't replace home cams just yet...


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