Meet the cast of Midsomer Murders series 20

Take a look at the main characters of Midsomer Murders – and the guest stars for brand-new episode Send in the Clowns



Pictured: NEIL DUDGEON as DCI Barnaby,NICK HENDRIX as DS Winter and JASON WATKINS as Joe Ferabbee.

This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

DCI John Barnaby is back for more Midsomer Murders, with DS Jamie Winters by his side – and in series 20 they are joined by some exciting guest stars.


Meanwhile, the team has a new pathologist: the indomitable Fleur Perkins, played by EastEnders’ Annette Badland.

Here’s everyone you need to meet – and the stars who play them…

Neil Dudgeon plays DCI John Barnaby

Neil Dudgeon plays DCI John Barnaby in Midsomer Murders

Who is DCI John Barnaby? The younger cousin of DCI Tom Barnaby, Midsomer’s original star. Once Tom retired, John was transferred from Brighton Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to Causton CID to step into the role. Despite the local murder rate, John Barnaby lives a comfortable life in Midsomer with his wife Sarah, their dog Paddy, and young daughter.

What else has Neil Dudgeon been in? Before he replaced Midsomer Murders star John Nettles in the lead role in 2011, Neil Dudgeon played Jim Riley in the TV series Life of Riley, and also appeared in The Nativity, Silent Witness, Most Evil, Roman’s Empire, Son of Rambow, and Messiah: The Harrowing. One little known fact: Dudgeon was the taxi driver in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason who took Bridget (Renée Zellweger) to meet Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) near the end of the film.

Nick Hendrix plays DS Jamie Winter

Nick Hendrix plays DS Jamie Winter in Midsomer Murders

Who is DS Jamie Winter? Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter is John’s right-hand man. He’s young, keen, and smart and has a strong relationship with his boss. Jamie has had a string of predecessors as DS, but since joining the show in 2016 he has been determined to make his mark.

What else has Nick Hendrix been in? The actor starred as Billy Wallace in the first series of The Crown, and played Adrian Cooper in Marcella. He has also appeared in Suffragette, Legend, and Black Mirror.

Fiona Dolman plays Sarah Barnaby

Fiona Dolman plays Sarah Barnaby in Midsomer Murders

Who is Sarah Barnaby? Sarah Barnaby is John’s wife. They have one daughter together, Betty, and a dog called Paddy. Mrs Barnaby is the headteacher of Causton Comprehensive School.

What else has Fiona Dolman been in? Fiona Dolman played Jackie in the TV series Heartbeat. Since then, her TV credits have included The Royal Today, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Waterloo Road.

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders

Who is Fleur Perkins? The formidable new pathologist. She “doesn’t suffer fools gladly” and has a sense of humour, deliberately ruffling feathers. She has a colourful past that includes many husbands and lovers and drives a swanky black Jaguar convertible.

What else has Annette Badland been in? With more than 150 acting credits to her name, Annette Badland is perhaps best known for starring as Babe Smith in EastEnders. You may also recognise her for playing Mrs Fitzgibbons in Outlander, Holodora in The Sparticle Mystery, Mrs Wigmore in Man Down, Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who, or Brawdie Henshall in Cutting It.

Episode 6 guest stars: Send In The Clowns

Jason Watkins plays Joe Ferabbee

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: JASON WATKINS as Joe Ferabbee. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Joe Ferabbee? Joe is originally from the Midsomer village of Swynton Magna, who returns there as the owner of  the travelling Ferabbee’s Circus. He absolutely adores his job but these are hard times for his show, facing financial pressure due to falling ticket sales as well as attempts from his estranged brother to turf him off the land he inherited from his father.

What else has Jason Watkins been in? Watkins had a recurring role in the BBC Three sci-fi drama Being Human, before landing a gig on the main cast of Sky One supermarket comedy Trollied. He broke out in ITV’s factual drama The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, a performance which earned him a television BAFTA for Best Actor.

Since the big win, he has worked on several major projects including the Tom Hardy drama Taboo, John Cleese sitcom Hold The Sunset, Hugh Grant’s A Very English Scandal and the third season of Netflix’s The Crown as Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Neil Stuke plays Curtis Ferabbee

Neil Stuke in Silent Witness, BBC Pictures, SL
Neil Stuke in Silent Witness

Who is Curtis Ferabbee? Curtis is Joe’s estranged brother and a local farmer. He’s keen to get his brother’s circus out of town as the two of them have been on bad terms for over 30 years.

What else has Neil Stuke been in? Stuke has had roles on a large number of British television shows over a career spanning three decades, but is probably best known for the likes of Game On, Silent Witness, The Bill and legal drama Silk.

Kevin Eldon plays Terry ‘Groucho’ Bellini

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: KEVIN ELDON as Terry Bellini. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Terry ‘Groucho’ Bellini? Terry is one half of a clown double act who are one of the biggest attractions at Ferabbee’s Circus. He sees himself as too good for the ailing show and starts looking for work elsewhere.

What else has Kevin Eldon been in? Eldon is a recognisable face to fans of British comedy, having had roles in I’m Alan Partridge, Spaced, Big Train, Brass Eye, Nighty Night and Nathan Barley to name a few. More recently, he took on the role of Lance Corporal Jones, originated by Clive Dunn, in Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes.

Mike Grady plays Les ‘Oucho’ Morrison

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: MIKE GRADY as Les Morrison. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Les ‘Oucho’ Morrison? Les is the second half of the Oucho/Groucho double act at Ferabbee’s Circus, but his serious problem with alcohol is alienating his stage partner and causing tension between them.

What else has Mike Grady been in? Grady played the role of Barry Wilkinson on the long-running BBC sitcom Last of the Summer Wine and provides the voice of Sir Robert Norramby on children’s favourite Thomas & Friends.

Lorraine Ashbourne plays Daniella Bellini

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: LORRAINE ASHBOURNE as Daniella Bellini. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Daniella Bellini? Formerly a trapeze artist at Ferabbee’s Circus, Daniella stopped performing after her sister tragically died due to an accident during one fateful show. She stayed with the circus working behind a kiosk, leaving her talented daughter Sophia to take up her acrobatic old role. She is married to Terry ‘Groucho’ Bellini, but doesn’t wish to leave the circus as he does.

What else has Lorraine Ashbourne been in? Lorraine Ashbourne has appeared on a number of high-profile television series, including Silent Witness, Unforgotten and The Crown as late Labour politician Barbara Castle. In real life, she is married to actor and director Andy Serkis, best known for playing Gollum in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film series.

Joni Kamen plays Sophia Bellini

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: JONI KAMEN as Sophie Bellini. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Sophia Bellini? The daughter of Terry and Daniella Bellini, Sophia grew up with the circus and is now a talented and daring trapeze artist herself.

What else has Joni Kamen been in? Kamen recently appeared in the independent film The Book of Gabrielle.

Andrew Gower plays Harry Ferabbee

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: ANDREW GOWER as Harry Ferabbee. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Harry Ferabbee? Harry is Joe’s son who works with him at the circus, but is frustrated and worried by their dramatically falling trade. He thinks that their brand needs a major revamp, but his father routinely dismisses his ideas.

What else has Andrew Gower been in? He is probably best known for playing Charles Stuart in the second season of time travel drama Outlander, but has also appeared on BBC One hit Poldark and big-budget Amazon fantasy series Carnival Row.

Terence Maynard plays Ashley Denton

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: TERENCE MAYNARD as Ashley Denton. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Ashley Denton? Denton is a well-known figure in the Swynton Magna community, as the owner of a popular local restaurant, chair of the parish council planning committee and a charity fundraiser. He is one of the most crucial supporters of Ferabbee’s Circus.

What else has Terence Maynard been in? He is best known for playing Tony Stewart on ITV soap opera Coronation Street and also had a small role in the Tom Cruise action film Edge of Tomorrow.

Lorraine Burroughs plays Freya Ferabbee

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 07: Lorraine Burroughs attends the UK film premiere of 'Fast Girls' at Odeon West End on June 7, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Who is Freya Ferabbee? Freya is married to Curtis, Joe’s brother, but their relationship is in a tough spot. He is frequently shown to be controlling and mistrusting, keeping a close eye on her actions and who she spends time with. Freya works at Denton’s restaurant part time as well as being a yoga instructor.

What else has Lorraine Burroughs been in? Burroughs had a lead role in the 2012 film Fast Girls and has also appeared on Carnival Row, Hard Sun and ITV drama Butterfly.

Andrew Knott plays Mostyn Cartwright

Andrew Knott plays Conrad Davis in Strangers
Andrew Knott in Strangers

Who is Mostyn Cartwright? Mostyn works in the abattoir on Curtis and Freya’s farm. He has a chequered past and his husbandry of the animals on the farm has been questioned.

What else has Andrew Knott been in? Andrew Knott had a breakout role on family drama Where The Heart Is, before joining the cast of the acclaimed film adaptation of The History Boys. He played Smithy’s friend Dirtbox on the sitcom Gavin & Stacey, with later appearances on Casualty and Grantchester.

Jonathan Bonnici plays Raoul Delgado

MIDSOMER MURDERS SEND IN THE CLOWNS Pictured: JONATHAN BONNICI as Raoul Delgado. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to MIDSOMER MURDERS.

Who is Raoul Delgado? Raoul is an illusionist working for Ferabbee’s Circus. He is a mysterious figure who is said to be able to make anything disappear…


What else has Jonathan Bonnici been in? Bonnici appeared in an episode of Sky 1’s light-hearted adventure series Hooten and the Lady.