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Meet the cast of Midsomer Murders

Get reacquainted with the main characters of Midsomer Murders – and meet the guest stars for brand new episode The Scarecrow Murders.

Fiona Dolman, Neil Dudgeon and Isabel Shaw in Midsomer Murders.
Published: Friday, 27th May 2022 at 1:23 pm
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Midsomer Murders continues on Sunday, with the long-awaited fourth episode of season 22 airing after a special retrospective documentary Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem.


The new episode will once again feature DCI Barnaby, DS Jamie Winters and pathologist Fleur Perkins flocking to solve another murder in the small countryside village.

The Scarecrow Murders is the first instalment of Midsomer Murders to air this year, after the first three episodes of season 22 aired in 2021.

The episode follows the detective team as they investigate after a killer strikes at the local Scarecrow Festival.

Read on for everything you need to know about the characters you'll meet in the episode – and the stars who play them.

Neil Dudgeon plays DCI John Barnaby


Who is DCI John Barnaby? The younger cousin of DCI Tom Barnaby, Midsomer's original star. Once Tom retired, John was transferred from Brighton Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to Causton CID to step into the role. Despite the local murder rate, John Barnaby lives a comfortable life in Midsomer with his wife Sarah, their young daughter and their dog, Paddy.

What else has Neil Dudgeon been in? Before he replaced Midsomer Murders star John Nettles in the lead role in 2011, Neil Dudgeon played Jim Riley in the TV series Life of Riley, and also appeared in The Nativity, Silent Witness, Most Evil, Roman's Empire, Son of Rambow, and Messiah: The Harrowing. One little known fact: Dudgeon was the taxi driver in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason who took Bridget (Renée Zellweger) to meet Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) near the end of the film.

Nick Hendrix plays DS Jamie Winter


Who is DS Jamie Winter? Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter is John’s right-hand man. He’s young, keen and smart and has a strong relationship with his boss. Jamie has had a string of predecessors as DS, but since joining the show in 2016 he has been determined to make his mark.

What else has Nick Hendrix been in? The actor starred as Billy Wallace in the first season of The Crown, and played Adrian Cooper in Marcella. He has also appeared in Suffragette, Legend, and Black Mirror.

Fiona Dolman plays Sarah Barnaby


Who is Sarah Barnaby? Sarah Barnaby is John’s wife. They have one daughter together, Betty, and a dog called Paddy. Mrs Barnaby is the headteacher of Causton Comprehensive School.

What else has Fiona Dolman been in? Fiona Dolman played Jackie in the TV series Heartbeat. Since then, her TV credits have included The Royal Today, Da Vinci's Demons, and Waterloo Road.

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders

Who is Fleur Perkins? Now in her third season, the formidable pathologist "doesn't suffer fools gladly" and has a sense of humour, deliberately ruffling feathers. She has a colourful past that includes many husbands and lovers and drives a swanky black Jaguar convertible.

What else has Annette Badland been in? With more than 150 acting credits to her name, Annette Badland is perhaps best known for starring as Babe Smith in EastEnders. You may also recognise her for playing Mrs Fitzgibbons in Outlander, Holodora in The Sparticle Mystery, Mrs Wigmore in Man Down, Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who, or Brawdie Henshall in Cutting It.

Season 22, episode 4 guest stars: The Scarecrow Murders

Billy Hinchliff plays Jack Baldwin

Billy Hinchliff as Jack Baldwin.
Billy Hinchliff as Jack Baldwin. ITV

Who is Jack Baldwin? Jack mans the ticket desk for the Scarecrow Festival. He was homeless but Oscar has been helping him.

Where have I seen Billy Hinchliff before? The Scarecrow Murders is one of Hinchliff's first on-screen roles, but he has appeared as Kyle in Meet the Richardsons.

Jacqueline Boatswain plays Rachel Taylor

Jaqueline Boatswain as Rachel Taylor.
Jacqueline Boatswain as Rachel Taylor. ITV

Who is Rachel Taylor? Rachel is head of the Scarecrow Festival committee.

Where have I seen Jacqueline Boatswain before? Boatswain was most recently seen in Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, but has also had roles in Doctors, Cuckoo, Hollyoaks and Carnival Row.

Simon Shepherd plays Oscar Hayden

Simon Shepherd and Amara Karan in Midsomer Murders.
Simon Shepherd and Amara Karan in Midsomer Murders. ITV

Who is Oscar Hayden? Oscar is the murder victim Naomi's father, and he's something of a local celebrity in the area. He is dubbed 'The Lotto Vicar' after he won £15 million several years ago on the first and only ticket he ever bought. He now resides in a not-so-humble vicarage and despite this win continues to fundraise for the church.

Where have I seen Simon Shepherd before? Shepherd is known for his roles in Alex Rider, Bait and Peak Practice, amongst other series and films.

Amara Karan plays Adele Paige

Amara Karan as Adele Paige.
Amara Karan as Adele Paige. ITV

Who is Adele Paige? Adele is a local resident who runs an online casino, which Naomi did the PR for. She discovers Naomi murdered at the festival.

Where have I seen Amara Karan before? Karan has appeared in films including Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited and St Trinian's, and has had roles in series including Hope Street, Lucky Man and Bancroft.

Jason Wong plays Stephan Ashworth

Jason Wong as Stephan Ashworth.
Jason Wong as Stephan Ashworth. ITV

Who is Stephan Ashworth? Stephan is the husband of Naomi, the murder victim.

Where have I seen Jason Wong before? Wong is best known for his roles in The Gentlemen, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Silent Witness, which he played Dr Adam Yuen.

Holly Freeman plays Thea Stannard

Holly Freeman as Thea Stannard.
Holly Freeman as Thea Stannard. ITV

Who is Thea Stannard? Thea is a local resident who runs a bootcamp. She works with Amara and Naomi.

Where have I seen Holly Freeman before? Freeman has only been acting for a few years on screen but has appeared in Casualty, Call the Midwife and 4 O'Clock Club.

Emily Bevan plays Bryony Hayden

Emily Bevan as Bryony Hayden.
Emily Bevan as Bryony Hayden. ITV

Who is Bryony Hayden? Bryony is Naomi's twin sister who hasn't been out in public in years.

Where have I seen Emily Bevan before? Bevan is known for appearing in series including Temple, Grantchester, In the Flesh and Doc Martin.

David Yip plays Fergus Rooney

David Yip as Fergus Rooney.
David Yip as Fergus Rooney. ITV

Who is Fergus Rooney? Fergus is a disgraced vicar from the parish neighbouring Oscar's, who accuses him of hypocrisy following his Lotto win.

Where have I seen David Yip before? Yip has had a long career on both the big and small screens, appearing in films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, A View to a Kill and Entrapment. His TV roles include Lucky Man and Fortitude.

Jessica Ellerby plays Caitlin Dawson

Jessica Ellerby as Caitlin Dawson.
Jessica Ellerby as Caitlin Dawson. ITV

Who is Caitlin Dawson? Caitlin is a local reporter who has a history with Jamie.

Where have I seen Jessica Ellerby before? Ellerby is known for appearing in Pennyworth, Endeavour, Inside No. 9 and Lovesick.

Season 22, episode 2 guest stars: The Stitcher Society

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd plays Gideon Tooms

Midsomer Murders

Who is Gideon Tooms? Gideon is the son of Reuben Tooms, the founder of Midsomer's Stitcher Society – a social and health club for recovering heart bypass patients. He causes a stir in the club when he introduces the latest member Toby.

Where have I seen Jacob Fortune-Lloyd before? Fortune-Lloyd has starred in Wolf Hall, Medici and The Queen's Gambit. He recently appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Peter de Jersey plays Toby Wagner

Midsomer Murders

Who is Toby Wagner? Toby is a new member of the Stitcher Society who five years prior, had been arrested for the murder of Reuben Tooms' sister-in-law Viola.

Where have I seen Peter de Jersey before? Best known for playing Jerome Taylor in The Bill, de Jersey has appeared in New Tricks, Death in Paradise, The Bank Job and Doctor Who.

Keith Allen plays Harry Marx

Who is Harry Marx? Harry Marx is a member of The Stitcher Society.

Where have I seen Keith Allen before? Allen recently starred in The Pembrokeshire Murders, Marcella and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He has appeared in My Mad Fat Diary, The Runaway, Eddie the Eagle and Trainspotting, and is the father of singer Lily Allen and Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen.

Hannah Waddingham plays Mimi Dagmar

Midsomer Murders

Who is Mimi Dagmar? Mimi is a member of The Stitcher Society.

Where have I seen Hannah Waddingham before? Waddingham is best known for starring in Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, Netflix's Sex Education and Game of Thrones. She has also appeared in Krypton, Josh, Bad Education and Not Going Out.

Harriet Thorpe plays Georgie Tremayne

Midsomer Murders

Who is Georgie Tremayne? Georgie is a timid member of The Stitcher Society who threatens to kill Toby and used to run the local paper.

Where have I seen Harriet Thorpe before? Thorpe has appeared in The Brittas Empire, Absolutely Fabulous, Doctors, Father Brown and The Musketeers.

John Thomson plays Cooper Steinem

Midsomer Murders

Who is Cooper Steinem? Cooper is a landlord of a local Midsomer pub, who is the brother-in-law of Toby Wagner.

Where have I seen John Thomson before? Comedian John Thomson is best known for starring in Cold Feet, Men Behaving Badly, The Fast Show, Coronation Street and Trollied. He recently took part in The Masked Singer's second series.

Nimmy March plays Julia Steinem

Midsomer Murders

Who is Julia Steinem? Julia is a member of the Stitcher Society, Cooper Steinem's wife and Toby Wagner's sister.

Where have I seen Nimmy March before? March has appeared in Coronation Street, Docors, Death in Paradise, The Bill, Waking the Dead and Strictly Confidential.

Lizzy McInnerny plays Alberta Tooms

Midsomer Murders

Who is Alberta Tooms? Alberta is Reuben Tooms's wife and Gideon's mother.

Where have I seen Lizzy McInnerny before? McInnerny has appeared in The Crown, Peterloo, The ABC Murders, Behind Her Eyes and Peaky Blinders.

Silas Carson plays Reuben Tooms

Who is Reuben? Reuben is the founder of Midsomer's Stitcher Society, a social and health club for recovering heart bypass patients, who is found murdered on the village green.

Where have I seen Silas Carson before? Carson has appeared in all Star Wars prequels and provides the voice for the Ood in Doctor Who. He recently had roles in Des, The Other One, Phantom Thread and The Casual Vacancy.

Season 22, episode 1 guest stars: The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy

Sinead Matthews plays Mel Wallace

Midsomer Murders Sinead Matthews

Who is Mel Wallace? Mel runs The Hub, a café in Little Worthy, where she ran a competition to create a modern urban myth.

Where have I seen Sinead Matthews before? Matthews has appeared in films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Mr. Turner, The Boat That Rocked and Pride & Prejudice, and has played small roles in The Crown, Chewing Gum, Toast of London and Black Mirror.

Matt McCooey plays Steve Skelton

Midsomer Murders Matt McCooey

Who is Steve Skelton? Steve is a struggling photographer who recently won The Hub's modern urban myth contest with his image of the Wolf Hunter.

Where have I seen Matt McCooey? McCooey is best known for playing DC Bill Wong in Sky One's Agatha Raisin, however he's also appeared in Skins, Doctors and The Salisbury Poisonings.

Glen Boateng plays Jez Gladberry

Midsomer Murders Glen Boateng
Midsomer Murders Glen Boateng ITV

Who is Jez Gladberry? Jez is Little Worthy's local handyman, who has been forging Wolf Hunter replicas alongside his day job. He is found murdered in the woods, killed by the same method the Wolf Hunter is said to use to murder its victims.

Where have I seen Glen Boateng before? Boateng has appeared in The Royals and Guy Ritchie's film Wrath of Man.

Louise Jameson plays Annie Davids

Midsomer Murders Louise Jameson

Who is Annie Davids? Annie is the gossiping traditional landlady of Little Worthy, who blames The Hub for her downturn in business.

Where have I seen Louise Jameson before? Jameson is best known for playing the Fourth Doctor's companion Leela in Doctor Who and Dr. Anne Reynolds in The Omega Factor. She has also starred in Bergerac, EastEnders, Silent Witness and Doc Martin.

Ferdinand Kingsley plays Brandon Yarrow

Midsomer Murders Ferdinand Kingsley

Who is Brandon Yarrow? Brandon is a local who has recently founded Worthy Glamping – state-of-the-art eco-lodges on the edge of the woods. He does not want the Wolf Hunter myth to put off potential clients, and after experiencing teething problems he becomes convinced that someone is sabotaging him.

Where have I seen Ferdinand Kingsley before? Kingsley is best known for his roles in Dracula Untold, Victoria and David Fincher's Oscar-nominated film Mank. He has also appeared in series like Doctor Who, Borgia, Ripper Street and The Hollow Crown.

Maimie McCoy plays Rowan Yarrow

Midsomer Murders Maimie McCoy

Who is Rowan Yarrow? Rowan is Brandon's calm, holistic wife who runs the Worthy Glamping site with him.

Where have I seen Maimie McCoy before? McCoy recently starred in ITV's reboot of Van Der Walk and true crime drama White House Farm. She has also appeared in The Musketeers, DCI Banks, A Confession and All Creatures Great and Small.

Mark Williams plays Pat Everett

Midsomer Murders Mark Williams

Who is Pat Everett? Pat is one of the Yarrows' disgruntled guests at Worthy Glamping, who has been visiting the site for 36 years. He is a Northern curmudgeon, resents the new-fangled glamping set-up and is very vocal about how much he misses the simple campsite.

Where have I seen Mark Williams before? Williams is best known for starring in The Fast Show and in the Harry Potter films as Arthur Weasley. He appeared in films such as 101 Dalmatians, Shakespeare in Love and Albert Nobbs, as well as series like Father Brown, Doctor Who and Merlin.

Siobhan Redmond plays Ronnie Everett

Midsomer Murders Siobhan Redmond

Who is Ronnie Everett? Ronnie is Pat's wife and a regular guest at the Yarrows' campsite.

Where have I seen Siobhan Redmond before? Redmond has appeared in Midsomer Murders before as psychiatrist Pru Plunkett, and has had roles in Doctor Who, Grantchester, The Bill and EastEnders.

Season 21, episode 4 guest stars: With Baited Breath

Nicola Stephenson plays Izzy Silvermane

Midsomer Murders

Who is Izzy Silvermane? A pub landlady who hasn’t spoken to her daughter for 10 years.

Where have I seen Nicola Stephenson before? She's known for roles in the likes of The Worst Witch and New Tricks, and for playing Julie Fitzjohn in Holby City, Allie Westbrook in Waterloo Road and Tess Harris in Emmerdale.

Aneurin Barnard plays Freddie Lamb

Midsomer Murders

Who is Freddie Lamb? A local fisherman who puts up £20k as prize money for whoever manages to catch the monster fish known as 'Ahab' (the local area's equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster).

Where have I seen Aneurin Barnard before? You'll probably recognise him as the ill-fated Gibson in the film Dunkirk. He also played Boris in The Goldfinch, Bobby in Cilla, and Boris Drubetskoy in the BBC adaptation of War & Peace.

Nitin Ganatra plays Ned Skye

Midsomer Murders

Who is Ned Syke? The event organiser behind the Psycho Mud Run, an event that clashes with local fishing.

Where have I seen Nitin Ganatra before? Best known for his long-running role as Masood in EastEnders, Nitin's credits also include HellBoy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bride & Prejudice and The Worst Witch (as Mr Daisy).

Vincent Franklin plays Artie Blythe

Midsomer Murders

Who is Artie Blythe? A former DCI and a face from DCI John Barnaby's past.

Where have I seen Vincent Franklin before? He plays Christopher Rawson in Gentleman Jack, and was Mike in BBC One's Bodyguard. Other past projects have included Peterloo, Happy Valley, The Bourne Identity, From Hell, Bright Star and Cucumber.

Eleanor Fanyinka plays PC Jade-Marie Pierce

Midsomer Murders

Who is PC Jade-Marie Pierce? A Causton police officer who enters the Psycho Mud Run with DS Winters.

Where have I seen Eleanor Fanyinka before? She's been in Pure, Holly City, Masters of Love, and Death in Paradise.

Season 21, episode 3 guest stars: The Sting of Death

Griff Rhys Jones plays Ambrose Deddington


Who is Ambrose Deddington? A wealthy, obsessive honey producer at his ancestral seat Apley Court. He's also a cancer survivor, and attributes his recovery to honey and bee stings.

Where have I seen Griff Ryhs Jones before? The comedian is known for the likes of Smith & Jones, Ordinary Lies, Wilt, Marple, and Mine All Mine.

Imogen Stubbs plays Tamara


Who is Tamara? Ambrose's entrepreneurial sister, who runs 'The Hive': a honey-themed wellness centre which offers yoga classes.

Where have I seen Imogen Stubbs before? She's known for the films Twelfth Night and Sense and Sensibility (penned by and co-starring Emma Thompson), in addition to Erik the Viking, Patents, Big Kids, and Death in Paradise.

Jack Fox plays Jude

Who is Jude? Ambrose's estranged nephew.

Where have I seen Jack Fox before? Brother to Lydia and Laurence Fox, Jack is known for roles is Riviera (as Nico), Sanditon (as Sir Edward Denham), Fresh Meat, Upstart Crow (as Valentine), and Privates.

Ben Starr plays Noah Moon


Who is Noah Moon? A heartthrob yoga instructor.

Where have I seen Ben Starr before? He's best known as Dr. Christopher Priestley in Jamestown. He's also starred in Medici, Dickensian, Knightfall, and The Musketeers.

Nina Toussant-White plays Hannah


Who is Hannah? Just returned from her year abroad, Hannah is the local vicar's daughter.

Where have I seen Nina Toussant-White before? She played Jacki in the recent thriller The Sister, and is also known for playing Rayburn in the smash-hit BBC series Bodyguard. Other projects have included GameFace., The Feed, and Doctor Who.

Derek Griffiths plays Rev Nigel Brookthorpe

Midsomer Murders

Who is Rev Nigel Brookthorpe? Hannah's father, and the local vicar.

Where have I seen Derek Griffiths before? He recently starred in the Small Axe episode 'Mangrove', in the role of James. He's also known for playing Freddie Smith on Coronation Street, and for starring in various roles in Tracey Ullman's Show. Other projects have included Doctors and Silent Witness.

Season 21, episode 2 guest stars: The Miniature Murders

Roger Barclay plays Alexander Beauvoisin

Who is Alexander Beauvoisin? Alexander is a Midsomer estate agent who is widely disliked due to his bad practices. Many of his homes are poorly maintained, to such an extent that a young woman died in one of his buildings from carbon monoxide poisoning.

What else has Roger Barclay been in? Barclay played Terence Cunningham on hospital drama Holby City and has also appeared on ITV2's Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Clare Holman plays Fiona Beauvoisin

Who is Fiona Beauvoisin? Fiona is Alexander's wife who is in the process of divorcing him. She has been fighting with him recently as he intends to ensure she gets none of his considerable wealth in the separation.

What else has Clare Holman been in? Holman is probably best known to viewers as Dr Laura Hobson, a role which she played on both Inspector Morse and its spin-off series Lewis.

Joanna Page plays Holly Ackroyd

Who is Holly Ackroyd? Holly is Alexander's new partner, who met the divisive man when she began working in a sales role at his estate agency.

What else has Joanna Page been in? Page plays Stacey on the beloved BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey, which recently broke ratings records with its reunion Christmas special.

Katy Brand plays Jemimah Starling

Who is Jemimah Starling? Jemimah used to work for Alexander as the head of his sales team, but left the job to start a childcare business. She is one of the few people in Midsomer who actually likes him, passionately defending him from his many critics.

What else has Katy Brand been in? Brand is a comedian and actress known for her ITV2 sketch series Katy Brand's Big Ass Show.

Eleanor Bron plays Maxine Dobson

Who is Maxine Dobson? Maxine is in charge of the exhibits at Midsomer Museum, where Alexander has recently donated a number of antique doll houses. This seeming act of generosity isn't enough to quell her own feelings of contempt for him...

What else has Eleanor Bron been in? Bron has had a long acting career, initially breaking out in 1965 with a role in The Beatles musical adventure Help!.

Rosalie Craig plays Carys Nicholson

Who is Carys Nicholson? Carys works with Maxine at the museum and is protective of her, believing she doesn't cope well in social situations. She once ran a soft play centre with Jemimah, but the two are no longer on good terms.

What else has Rosalie Craig been in? Rosalie has appeared on a number of notable series, including Doc Martin, Endeavour and Lovesick.

Thomas Dominique plays Wesley Peters

Who is Wesley Peters? Wesley was in charge of maintenance contracts for Alexander's properties, but went to prison when a young woman died in one of his houses. He insists that he had not signed off on the dangerous boiler that caused the death, believing he was framed for the crime...

What else has Thomas Dominique been in? Dominique has had roles on Netflix's Top Boy and BBC One's Undercover.

Ami Okumura Jones plays Erin Turner

Who is Erin Turner? Erin is a student at Midsomer University who runs a campaign against Alexander and other irresponsible landlords. The girl who died in his property, Lara, was Erin's best friend.

What else has Ami Okumura Jones been in? Jones played Mieko on the long-running BBC soap opera Eastenders.

Karl Collins plays Samuel Wokoma

Who is Samuel Wokoma? Samuel is Lara's father, who remains furious at Alexander for causing her death. He currently runs a removals service with his son, Finn.

What else has Karl Collins been in? Most recently, Collins played the father of unhinged teen Bonnie in Channel 4's The End of the F***ing World, but is probably better known as Louis Loveday in Hollyoaks.

Rohan Nedd plays Finn Wokoma

Who is Finn Wokoma? Finn is Samuel's son and works for his dad's removals company. He is also good friends with Erin.

What else has Rohan Nedd been in? Nedd played Mike on the Netflix original series Safe, starring Dexter's Michael C Hall, and also had a lead role in Rapman's feature debut Blue Story.

Season 21, episode 1 guest stars: The Point of Balance

Nigel Havers plays Andrew Wilder

Who is Andrew Wilder? Andrew is the owner of a vast retail owner and the founder of the Wilder Biorobotics Institute, a research facility that develops exoskeletons and prosthetics for amputees, the disabled and the elderly. However, he is suffering from a degenerative condition and expects to be dead within five years - so is preparing to hand down his empire to his daughter.

What else has Nigel Havers been in? Over a long on-screen career, Havers has racked up a slew of credits, with highlights including playing Lord Andrew Lindsay in Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire, a recurring role on Coronation Street as Lewis Archer and the role of Tom Latimer in comedy series Don't Wait Up.

Jaye Griffiths plays Lilly Wilder

Who is Lilly Wilder? Lilly is Andrew's wife and the step-mother of Heather and Ray. She is also having an affair with Duncan Corrigan, of which Andrew is aware of - and on board with.

What else has Jaye Griffiths been in? Griffiths recently spent three years as part of the cast of Casualty, where she played consultant Elle Gardener. She had a starring role as Ros Henderson on 1990s BBC series Bugs and has also made appearances on The Bill, Doctors, Always and Everyone, Instinct and Silent Witness.

Carolina Main plays Heather Wilder

Who is Heather Wilder? Heather is the daughter of Andrew and stands to inherit his empire when he dies, while she is also seen to be in charge of day to day operations at the Biorobotics Institute. She and her family were the subject of an investigation by murdered journalist Rosa Corrigan.

What else has Carolina Main been in? Main has had recurring roles in the TV shows Blood, Temple and Unforgotten, and has made one-off appearances in Doctors and Grantchester.

Tom Chambers plays Ray Wilder

Who is Ray Wilder? Ray is the other child of Andrew, but does not stand to inherit his retail empire - as his father believes he is more focused on dancing than business. He is one of the participants in the Paramount Dance Extravaganza which is being hosted by the Wilder Institute.

What else has Tom Chambers been in? Chambers is best known for his role as Sam Strachan in Holby City and Casualty and as Max Tyler in Waterloo Road. He is also one of many of this episode's guest stars to have appeared on Strictly Come Dancing - winning in 2008.

Kazia Pelka plays Tanya Brzezinski

Who is Tanya Brzezinski? A dance teacher and another competitive dancer, Tanya was regularly beaten in competitions by the now-murdered Rosa Corrigan.

What else has Kazia Pelka been in? Pelka has appeared in many staples of British TV through the years, including Brookside, Heartbeart, The Bill, Doctors and Casualty.

Danny Mac plays Anton Walsh

Who is Anton Walsh? Tanya's dance partner, Anton is allegedly responsible for the blackmail campaign that Rachel has been subjected to.

What else has Danny Mac been in? First finding play in the West End - in productions of Les Miserables and Wicked, Mac went to have a regular role as Mark 'Dodger' Savage on Hollyoaks from 2011-2015. He was also a Strictly Come Dancing finalist in 2016.

Jack Hawkins plays Jake Hannity

Who is Jake Hannity? Jake has firmly planted himself within the Wilder family, as both Heather's fiancé and Rays business partner. He is also an army veteran, having served in Afghanistan, and comforts Duncan when he is suffering from trauma-related flashbacks.

What else has Jack Hawkins been in? Hawkins has appeared on shows including Call The Midwife, Harlots and Holby City and has also made several stage appearances.

Faye Tozer plays Rosa Corrigan

Who is Rosa Corrigan? A dancer who is not taking part in the Paramount Dance Extravaganza, rosa works as a journalist and was working on a story about the Wilder family before she is found dead in her home at the start of the episode.

What else has Faye Tozer been in? Tozer is famous for being one of the five members of '90s pop band Steps, and has also made several stage appearances. She was a contestant on the 2018 series of Strictly, making it to the final and finishing as a joint runner up.

Cassidy Little plays Duncan Corrigan

Who is Duncan Corrigan? Duncan is Rosa's brother and an army veteran, having served in Afghanistan. He is seen to suffer from PTSD and survivor's guilt, while he is also an amputee - and often trials the equipment at the Wilder Biorobotics Institute. He is having an affair with Lilly.

What else has Cassidy Little been in? Little had a recurring role on Coronation Street in 2018, and has also appeared on Holby City and Doctors. He appeared on, and won, The People's Strictly for Comic Relief in 2015.

Natalie Gumede plays Rachel Stevenson

Who is Rachel Stevenson? Ray's girlfriend and dance partner, Rachel appears to be being blackmailed by an ex-boyfriend and former dance partner.

What else has Natalie Gumede been in? As well as playing Kirsty Soames on Coronation Street from 2011 to 2013, Gumede has had roles on The Persuasionists, Emmerdale and Doctor Who. She is another former Strictly contestant, finishing as a runner-up in the 2013 series.

Christopher Timothy plays Ned Barnaby

Who is Ned Barnaby? Ned is John's father, who is staying his son while he attends a party for a friend's wedding anniversary. The pair clash over resentments from John's childhood.

What else has Christopher Timothy been in? Timothy has previously had regular roles on Doctors and EastEnders, while he has also had an extensive theatre career.

Luke Pierre plays Warren Cunningham

Who is Warren Cunningham? Warren is a worker at the Wilder Biorobotics Institute and works very long hours - often seen drinking an energy drink.

What else has Luke Pierre been in? Pierre appeared in the TV film Agatha and the Truth of Murder in 2018 and also has several theatre credits to his name.

Season 20, episode 6 guest stars: Send In The Clowns

Jason Watkins plays Joe Ferabbee

Who is Joe Ferabbee? Joe is originally from the Midsomer village of Swynton Magna, who returns there as the owner of the travelling Ferabbee's Circus. He absolutely adores his job but these are hard times for his show, facing financial pressure due to falling ticket sales as well as attempts from his estranged brother to turf him off the land he inherited from his father.

What else has Jason Watkins been in? Watkins had a recurring role in the BBC Three sci-fi drama Being Human, before landing a gig on the main cast of Sky One supermarket comedy Trollied. He broke out in ITV's factual drama The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, a performance which earned him a television BAFTA for Best Actor.

Since the big win, he has worked on several major projects including the Tom Hardy drama Taboo, John Cleese sitcom Hold The Sunset, Hugh Grant's A Very English Scandal and the third season of Netflix's The Crown as Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Neil Stuke plays Curtis Ferabbee

Neil Stuke in Silent Witness, BBC Pictures, SL

Who is Curtis Ferabbee? Curtis is Joe's estranged brother and a local farmer. He's keen to get his brother's circus out of town as the two of them have been on bad terms for over 30 years.

What else has Neil Stuke been in? Stuke has had roles on a large number of British television shows over a career spanning three decades, but is probably best known for the likes of Game On, Silent Witness, The Bill and legal drama Silk.

Kevin Eldon plays Terry 'Groucho' Bellini

Who is Terry 'Groucho' Bellini? Terry is one half of a clown double act who are one of the biggest attractions at Ferabbee's Circus. He sees himself as too good for the ailing show and starts looking for work elsewhere.

What else has Kevin Eldon been in? Eldon is a recognisable face to fans of British comedy, having had roles in I'm Alan Partridge, Spaced, Big Train, Brass Eye, Nighty Night and Nathan Barley to name a few. More recently, he took on the role of Lance Corporal Jones, originated by Clive Dunn, in Dad's Army: The Lost Episodes.

Mike Grady plays Les 'Oucho' Morrison

Who is Les 'Oucho' Morrison? Les is the second half of the Oucho/Groucho double act at Ferabbee's Circus, but his serious problem with alcohol is alienating his stage partner and causing tension between them.

What else has Mike Grady been in? Grady played the role of Barry Wilkinson on the long-running BBC sitcom Last of the Summer Wine and provides the voice of Sir Robert Norramby on children's favourite Thomas & Friends.

Lorraine Ashbourne plays Daniella Bellini

Who is Daniella Bellini? Formerly a trapeze artist at Ferabbee's Circus, Daniella stopped performing after her sister tragically died due to an accident during one fateful show. She stayed with the circus working behind a kiosk, leaving her talented daughter Sophia to take up her acrobatic old role. She is married to Terry 'Groucho' Bellini, but doesn't wish to leave the circus as he does.

What else has Lorraine Ashbourne been in? Lorraine Ashbourne has appeared on a number of high-profile television series, including Silent Witness, Unforgotten and The Crown as late Labour politician Barbara Castle. In real life, she is married to actor and director Andy Serkis, best known for playing Gollum in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings film series.

Joni Kamen plays Sophia Bellini

Who is Sophia Bellini? The daughter of Terry and Daniella Bellini, Sophia grew up with the circus and is now a talented and daring trapeze artist herself.

What else has Joni Kamen been in? Kamen recently appeared in the independent film The Book of Gabrielle.

Andrew Gower plays Harry Ferabbee

Who is Harry Ferabbee? Harry is Joe's son who works with him at the circus, but is frustrated and worried by their dramatically falling trade. He thinks that their brand needs a major revamp, but his father routinely dismisses his ideas.

What else has Andrew Gower been in? He is probably best known for playing Charles Stuart in the second season of time travel drama Outlander, but has also appeared on BBC One hit Poldark and big-budget Amazon fantasy series Carnival Row.

Terence Maynard plays Ashley Denton

Who is Ashley Denton? Denton is a well-known figure in the Swynton Magna community, as the owner of a popular local restaurant, chair of the parish council planning committee and a charity fundraiser. He is one of the most crucial supporters of Ferabbee's Circus.

What else has Terence Maynard been in? He is best known for playing Tony Stewart on ITV soap opera Coronation Street and also had a small role in the Tom Cruise action film Edge of Tomorrow.

Lorraine Burroughs plays Freya Ferabbee

Who is Freya Ferabbee? Freya is married to Curtis, Joe's brother, but their relationship is in a tough spot. He is frequently shown to be controlling and mistrusting, keeping a close eye on her actions and who she spends time with. Freya works at Denton's restaurant part time as well as being a yoga instructor.

What else has Lorraine Burroughs been in? Burroughs had a lead role in the 2012 film Fast Girls and has also appeared on Carnival Row, Hard Sun and ITV drama Butterfly.

Andrew Knott plays Mostyn Cartwright

Andrew Knott plays Conrad Davis in Strangers

Who is Mostyn Cartwright? Mostyn works in the abattoir on Curtis and Freya's farm. He has a chequered past and his husbandry of the animals on the farm has been questioned.

What else has Andrew Knott been in? Andrew Knott had a breakout role on family drama Where The Heart Is, before joining the cast of the acclaimed film adaptation of The History Boys. He played Smithy's friend Dirtbox on the sitcom Gavin & Stacey, with later appearances on Casualty and Grantchester.

Jonathan Bonnici plays Raoul Delgado

Who is Raoul Delgado? Raoul is an illusionist working for Ferabbee's Circus. He is a mysterious figure who is said to be able to make anything disappear...

What else has Jonathan Bonnici been in? Bonnici appeared in an episode of Sky 1's light-hearted adventure series Hooten and the Lady.

Season 20, episode 5 guest stars: Till Death Us Do Part

Kelly Brook plays Laurel Newman

Kelly Brook plays Laurel Newman in Midsomer Murders

Who is Laurel Newman? A bride who is been murdered on her wedding day. She has just tied the knot with Gavin Webster, which makes her the new daughter-in-law of Sarah Barnaby's old university friend, Hazel Webster. Laurel co-hosts a controversial radio show on Midsomer FM.

What else has Kelly Brook been in? Credits include Moving Wallpaper, Smallville, and One Big Happy.

Michael Fox plays Gavin Webster

Michael Fox plays Gavin Webster in Midsomer Murders

Who is Gavin Webster? Laurel's newlywed husband. He's a florist, and he has a temper.

What else has Michael Fox been in? Downton Abbey fans will recognise him as Andy Parker, a role he returned to for the recent movie. Michael Fox also appeared in Dunkirk, playing an engineer.

Camilla Arfwedson plays Serena Madison

Camilla Arfwedson plays Serena Madison in Midsomer Murders

Who is Serena Madison? Gavin's former fiancé, who he jilted at the altar. Gavin had been having an affair with Laurel, and Serena remains furious about the situation. Serena is also a wedding dress designer.

What else has Camilla Arfwedson been in? The actress is best-known for playing Zosia in Holby City. She has also been in The Little Stranger, The Duchess, and Silent Witness.

Liz Fraser plays Marcia Jackson

Liz Fraser plays Marcia Jackson in Midsomer Murders

Who is Marcia Jackson? Laurel's best friend. She is a widow and lives alone.

What else has Liz Fraser been in? The actress actually died in 2018 at the age of 88, shortly after filming this episode. She was known for playing a "blonde bimbo" in the Carry On movies, and in Dad's Army she played Mrs Pike. Liz Fraser was also Bafta-nominated for 1959 movie I'm All Right Jack.

Nick Hancock plays Phil Webster

Nick Hancock

Who is Phil Webster? Gavin's dad – the father of the groom.

What else has Nick Hancock been in? As a TV presenter, he hosted the sports quiz They Think It's All Over for a decade and presented Room 101 back in the nineties. Screen credits include Damned, Cashback, and Spitting Image; he's pictured here hosting a charity sports quiz in 2014.

Fenella Woolgar plays Hazel Webster

Fenella Woolgar

Who is Hazel Webster? Gavin's mum – the mother of the groom. She was Sarah Barnaby's friend at university, but was never a big fan of John Barnaby.

What else has Fenella Woolgar been in? Fenella Woolgar is, of course, Sister Hilda from Call the Midwife (above). Before that she appeared in Judy, Mr Jones, Victoria & Abdul, Harlots, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, and Home Fires.

Colin McFarlane plays Jordan Briggs

Colin McFarlane plays Jordan Briggs in Midsomer Murders

Who is Jordan Briggs? A "shock jock", and co-host of a radio show on Midsomer FM with murder victim Laurel.

What else has Colin McFarlane been in? He played the role of Ulysses in Outlander, and was Loeb in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Doctor Who fans will also remember him as Moran, from the 2015 episodes Under the Lake and Before the Flood.

Maya Sondhi plays Aisha Khalique

Maya Sondhi plays Aisha Khalique in Midsomer Murders

Who is Aisha Khalique? Laurel's maid-of-honour and best friend, who also works at Midsomer FM.

What else has Maya Sondhi been in? The actress made quite an imact as Maneet Bindra in Line of Duty. She's also been seen in The Split, Warren, and Citizen Khan.

Ella Balinska plays Grace Briggs

Ella Balinska plays Grace Briggs in Midsomer Murders

Who is Grace Briggs? Jordan Briggs' 18-year-old daughter, who works as a waitress for wedding planner Juliet Evans – and models for wedding dress designer Serena Madison.

What else has Ella Balinska been in? She recently starred as Jane Kano in the 2019 Charlie's Angels movie, alongside Naomi Scott and Kristen Stewart.

Gabrielle Glaister plays Juliet Evans

Gabrielle Glaister plays Juliet Evans in Midsomer Murders

Who is Juliet Evans? Laurel and Gary's wedding planner.

What else has Gabrielle Glaister been in? She recently played Hilary in Emmerdale, and starred as Alison Pinion in series three of Unforgotten. Further back in her career, Gabrielle Glaister played Debs Brownlow in Coronation Street and Patricia Farnham in Brookside.

Season 20, episode 4 guest stars: The Lions of Causton

Tamzin Outhwaite plays Samantha Adler

Tamzin Outhwaite plays Samantha Adler in Midsomer Murders

Who is Samantha Adler? The owner of a fancy chocolate shop, and the wife of murder victim Mark Adler.

What else has Tamzin Outhwaite been in? Most famously, Tamzin Outhwaite is known for playing Mel Owen in EastEnders. You may also have seen her in New Tricks, Red Cap, and Hotel Babylon.

Richard Rankin plays Danny Wickham

Richard Rankin plays Danny Wickham in Midsomer Murders

Who is Danny Wickham? A star rugby player for Causton Lions.

What else has Richard Rankin been in? The actor has a starring role in time travel drama Outlander, playing Roger Wakefield, He has also appeared in The Crimson Field, Thirteen (as DI Elliot Carne), and The Replacement.

Aaron Cobham plays Jake Galpin

Aaron Cobham plays Jake Galpin in Midsomer Murders

Who is Jake Galpin? A rugby player on the Causton Lions team. He and Danny Wickham do not get on.

What else has Aaron Cobham been in? The actor has the role of Oviedo in The Spanish Princess, and played Jules Watson in Cold Feet.

Nicholas Goh plays Mark Adler

Who is Mark Adler? A businessman, and the owner of the Causton Lions rugby team. He is mysteriously found dead in a cryotherapy chamber – a facility normally used by the athletes for physiotherapy.

What else has Nicholas Goh been in? Nicholas Goh had a bit-part in the Bond movie Skyfall, and played Commander Chen in the TV series Mars.

Julian Lewis Jones plays Guy Bevan

Julian Lewis Jones plays Guy Bevan in Midsomer Murders

Who is Guy Bevan? The former coach of Causton Lions. He was fired when Mark Adler took over the club.

What else has Julian Lewis Jones been in? The actor appeared in 2009 movie Invictus, playing Etienne Feyder. Other credits include Stella, Justice League, and several Welsh productions.

Don Gilét plays Bill Viner

Don Gilét plays Bill Viner in Midsomer Murders

Who is Bill Viner? The current coach of the Causton Lions.

What else has Don Gilét been in? You're most likely to know Don Gilét as Lucas Johnson from EastEnders. Since leaving the BBC soap, the actor has starred in The Loch, Brief Encounters, and Holby City.

Michael Maloney plays Neville Gallagher

Who is Neville Gallagher? The team's physiotherapist.

What else has Michael Maloney been in? Michael Maloney is a familiar face on our TV screens, with more than 140 screen credits. Recently he's appeared in Victoria (as a bishop), Paranoid, The Five, and River.

Shereen Martin plays Debbie Gallagher

Who is Debbie Gallagher? Neville's grown-up daughter Debbie is married to Guy Bevan, the disgruntled former rugby coach.

What else has Shereen Martin been in? Like her Midsomer Murders co-star Don Gilét, Shereen Martin starred in TV drama The Loch - in which she played Kirstie Petrie. She'll soon play Sophie in the upcoming show Dublin Murders.

Douggie McMeekin plays Dominic Braun

Who is Dominic Braun? A chocolatier who works in Samantha Adler's chocolate shop. He lives with his granny and takes care of her.

What else has Douggie McMeekin been in? You may remember him as Yuvchenko from hit TV drama Chernobyl. He's also played Charles Quigley in Harlots, and had a role in The Crown as Sunny Blandford.

Carlyss Peer plays Tracey Horton

Carlyss Peer plays Tracey Horton in Midsomer Murders

Who is Tracey Horton? A barmaid and waitress. She is friends with Dominic.

What else has Carlyss Peer been in? The actress played Bonnie Wallis in Holby City, and had a role in the recent series of Silent Witness set in Brighton. Her stage credits include Hamlet, Groundhog Day and Midsummer Night's Dream.

Season 20, episode 3 guest stars: Drawing Dead

Bill Bailey plays Darwin Chipping

Bill Bailey plays Darwin Chipping in Midsomer Murders
Bill Bailey plays Darwin Chipping

Who is Darwin Chipping? The much-anticipated speaker at the 7th annual FranCon Comic Book Convention in Carver Valley. A highly-respected comic book artist, Darwin Chipping has been off the radar for a few years – but now he's back to unveil his brand new character.

What else has Bill Bailey been in? The actor, stand-up comedian, TV and radio presenter and musician is somewhat of a well-known figure. On TV, he starred in the sitcom Black Books, and played Bilbo Bagshot in Spaced. He is also a regular on the panel show circuit, appearing on Have I Got News for You, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and QI and is known for his stand-up work.

Will Brown plays Timothy Argo

Will Brown plays Timothy Argo in Midsomer Murders

Who is Timothy Argo? Creator of FranCon, the popular comic book convention in Carver Valley. As he makes the final preparations for the 7th annual convention, he gets a call from renowned but anonymous local comic book writer Aequitus, telling him that the latest issue of his comic has been left for him at the cemetery for collection. It has been two years since Tim's father Lord Argo was murdered, and his Aunt Fran left in a coma.

What else has Will Brown been in? The actor starred as Jason Walker in series two of murder drama Unforgotten.

Ruby Bentall plays Stella Starling

Ruby Bentall plays Stella Starling in Midsomer Murders

Who is Stella Starling? Tim's stepsister, who works at the local café. Thankfully they are not blood relatives, because Stella has a big crush on Tim. Their parents are only recently married after the murder of Tim's father.

What else has Ruby Bentall been in? Best known for starring as Verity in Poldark, Ruby Bentall has also appeared in Jekyll & Hyde, The Paradise, Lost in Austen, and Lark Rise to Candleford.

Nicholas Farrell plays Isaac Starling

Nicholas Farrell plays Isaac Starling in Midsomer Murders

Who is Isaac Starling? A pompous man who demands to be known as "Sheriff", Isaac believes he is the law of the village and takes his elected position very seriously. He is married to Dr Juno Starling after the death of her first husband, and has one grown-up daughter, Stella.

What else has Nicholas Farrell been in? With more than 130 acting credits to his name, Nicholas Farrell has appeared in Will, Thirteen, The Iron Lady, Hamlet, Pearl Harbour, and Torchwood. He previously appeared in a 1999 episode of Midsomer Murders.

Jemma Redgrave plays Dr Juno Starling

Jemma Redgrave plays Dr Juno Starling in Midsomer Murders

Who is Dr Juno Starling? Tim's mother. She is a local GP and helps care for her sister-in-law Fran, who is in a coma. Her first husband Lord Conrad Argo, a former Sheriff, was brutally murdered in an apparent burglary two years ago. She has since married Isaac.

What else has Jemma Redgrave been in? The actress played UNIT leader Kate Stewart in Doctor Who. She is also known for playing Bernie Wolfe in Holby City, Dr Zoe Evans in Frankie, Minerva in Dracula, and Evie Wilcox in Howards End.

Nicholas Burns plays Barrett Lounds

Nicholas Burns plays Barrett Lounds in Midsomer Murders

Who is Barrett Lounds? Barrett has been deeply affected since his mother was attacked and left in a coma two years ago, and is now starting to lose hope that she will ever wake up. Adding to his woes, he also suffers badly from arthritis, and is struggling in his relationship with wife Zennia.

What else has Nicholas Burns been in? The actor played the lead in TV show Nathan Barley, and is also known for roles in shows including No Heroics, Benidorm, and Manhunt. He was also Anthony Nutting in The Crown.

Ben Caplan plays Murray Eccbeer

Ben Caplan plays Murray Eccbeer in Midsomer Murders

Who is Murray Eccbeer? A comics fan who runs a stall at the convention. He buys and sells second-hand items and is frustrated at his thwarted ambitions in life.

What else has Ben Caplan been in? Call the Midwife fans may remember Ben Caplan as Sergeant Peter Noakes. The actor has also starred in Maigret: Night at the Crossroads, The Passion, and Band of Brothers.

Elena Saurel plays Zennia Lounds

Elena Saurel plays Zennia Lounds in Midsomer Murders

Who is Zennia Lounds? Barrett's wife. Before marrying into this wealthy family she was their cleaner, and feels she has something to prove. She is also a golfing enthusiast.

What else has Elena Saurel been in? Elena Saurel played Stacey in Girlfriends and Bianca in Lovesick, as well as starring as Wendy in the movie Charlie and Wendy.

Ellen Thomas plays Ruth Crane

Ellen Thomas plays Ruth Crane in Midsomer Murders

Who is Ruth Crane? The receptionist at Dr Juno Starling's GP surgery. Rude and sarcastic, she only really respects one person: the late Lord Conrad Argo.

What else has Ellen Thomas been in? EastEnders fans will, of course, recognise Ellen Thomas as Claudette Hubbard. Her other screen credits include Channel 4 sitcom Teachers and the TV series In the Long Run.

Heather Wright plays Francesca Lounds

Who is Francesca Lounds? A former model, and sister of the late Lord Conrad Argo. Two years ago, on the same night her brother was murdered, she was attacked and left in a coma. Now she is on life support and being cared for by her son Barrett.

What else has Heather Wright been in? Having begun her TV career as a Roman maiden in Up Pompeii!, Heather Wright has since appeared in Watt on Earth, Emmerdale, and Broken.

Eloise Joseph plays Bluebell Eccbeer

Who is Bluebell Eccbeer? Murray's wife. She clearly doesn't respect him much any more, but she helps run the stall.

What else has Eloise Joseph been in? Films and TV shows include Mad Dogs, The Inbetweeners Movie, The Lodge, and an appearance in Doctor Who as the character Beauty.

Josh Williams plays Jerome Buchanan

Who is Jerome Buchanan? A student from Mrs Barnaby's school. Sarah Barnaby is impressed with his talents as an artist and his passion for comics.

What else has Josh Williams been in? The young actor has popped up in Mayday, Agatha Raisin, and Law & Order: UK.

Season 20, episode 2 guest stars: Death of the Small Coppers

Ann Eleonora Jørgensen plays Birgitte Poulsen

Ann Eleonora Jørgensen plays Birgitte Poulsen in Midsomer Murders

Who is Birgitte Poulsen? We last met Copenhagen's VPK Birgitte Poulsen in 2014 when she starred in the 100th Midsomer Murders episode, titled The Killings of Copenhagen. Now she will make an "intriguing return" to England's deadliest county.

What else has Ann Eleonora Jørgensen been in? The Danish film, television and stage actress is known internationally for 2000 movie Italian for Beginners, and for playing Pernille Birk Larsen in The Killing.

Peter Egan plays Grady Palmerston

Peter Egan plays Grady Palmerston in Midsomer Murders

Who is Grady Palmerston? The despotic leader of a Mensa-like elite organisation called Circulus. He is an arrogant, sophisticated snob with a passion for crosswords.

What else has Peter Egan been in? You may recognise him as Cassie's dad Martin Hughes in Unforgotten, or Mr Dugdale from Hold the Sunset, or Hugh "Shrimpie" MacClare from Downton Abbey. Other credits include Prince Regent, Big Breadwinner Hog, Ever Decreasing Circles, and Home Again.

Mark Benton plays Eddie Rowbotham

Mark Benton plays Eddie Rowbotham in Midsomer Murders

Who is Eddie Rowbotham? Affable Eddie is a nice guy who runs the local B&B and a taxi service. He is a bit of a nobody, but is desperate to improve himself and win the heart of butterfly expert Penny Kingdom.

What else has Mark Benton been in? The actor stars in Shakespeare & Hathaway, and has also recently appeared in Death in Paradise, Anna and the Apocalypse, and The Halcyon. He is also known for playing Eddie in Early Doors, Howard in Northern Lights, and maths teacher Daniel Chalk in Waterloo Road. In 2013 he competed in Strictly Come Dancing.

Ray Fearon plays Carlton Scott

Ray Fearon plays Carlton Scott in Midsomer Murders

Who is Carlton Scott? Father of Leo, a teenage prodigy. He is haunted by grief over his wife's death, and is desperate to do right by his son by pushing him to achieve. He values intelligence above all else.

What else has Ray Fearon been in? Since leaving the role of Nathan in Coronation Street, he has played Malcolm Tumelo in Doctors, Carlo de'Medici in Da Vinci's Demons, and Père Robert in the live-action Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. Ray Fearon recently guest starred in Silent Witness and Shakespeare and Hathaway, and is set to appear in series two of Fleabag.

Chance Perdomo plays Leo Scott

Chance Perdomo plays Leo Scott in Midsomer Murders

Who is Leo Scott? A highly intelligent teenager who could be considered a prodigy. In the wake of his mother's death, his father is desperate for Leo to make it into the ranks of Circulus and pass the entrance exam.

What else has Chance Perdomo been in? The young actor made a splash as Ambrose Spellman in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. He had previously appeared in the TV movie Killed by My Debt, and starred alongside Mark Benton in an episode of Shakespeare and Hathaway.

Ellie Haddington plays Ginny Welton

Who is Ginny Welton? An elderly landowner and farmer. Her vision may be going, but she is highly intelligent and sharper than she looks.

What else has Ellie Haddington been in? The actress has played Marion in the TV series Motherland, Fanny Biggetywitch in Dickensian, Agatha Chudleigh in Ripper Street, Joy Masterton in Bad Girls, and Hilda in Foyle's War. On the big screen she was Mrs Esposito in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Thusitha Jayasundera plays Anika Sidana

Thusitha Jayasundera plays Anika Sidana in Midsomer Murders

Who is Anika Sidana? The wife of Mahesh Sidana, the secondary school headmaster who is discovered murdered and pinned to the wall like an overgrown butterfly. Anika recently relaunched her career and was appointed editor of The Crosby Chronicle, much to her husband's resentment.

What else has Thusitha Jayasundera been in? You may recognise her as Ros from Doctor Foster, or Neha from Humans. Looking further back, she also played DS Ramani De Costa in The Bill and Tushara "Tash" Bandara in Holby City.

Ella Kenion plays Celeste Palmerston

Ella Kenion plays Celeste Palmerston in Midsomer Murders

Who is Celeste Palmerston? Grady's wife. He considers her an intellectual lightweight who is not good enough to join Circulus. But despite how he treats her, Celeste spends her time running around as her husband's dogsbody.

What else has Ella Kenion been in? Aside from her stage work, the actress has appeared in Episodes, The Hive, Swashbuckle, and The Catherine Tate Show.

John Light plays Luke Fawcett

John Light plays Luke Fawcett in Midsomer Murders

Who is Luke Fawcett? A former English teacher at Mahesh Sidana's school. He is a Circulus member and butterfly fan who now lives in a caravan and spends his days at the pub drinking and doing the crossword.

What else has John Light been in? He plays Hercule Flambeau in Father Brown, and has also appeared in Maigret's Dead Man, Mars, Atlantis, WPC 56, and Holby City.

Niamh McGrady plays Penny Kingdom

Niamh McGrady plays Penny Kingdom in Midsomer Murders

Who is Penny Kingdom? A biology teacher at the school in Little Crosby which Circulus takes over each summer during the holidays. She is a butterfly enthusiast and lepidopterist, as well as an environmental campaigner and an opponent of Circulus.

What else has Niamh McGrady been in? Niamh McGrady is best known for two roles: Danielle Ferrington in The Fall, and Mary-Claire Carter in Holby City.

Season 20, episode 1 guest stars: The Ghost of Causton Abbey

Elaine Paige plays Sylvia Reynolds

Elaine Paige plays Sylvia Reynolds in Midsomer Murders

Who is Sylvia Reynolds? A faded, narcissistic, self-obsessed stage actress. Sylvia employed Adam Osoba to ghost-write her memoir, and now she hopes to make her big comeback.

What else has Elaine Paige been in? You're more likely to have seen Elaine Paige on stage than on TV. She won an Olivier Award for originating the role of Eva Perón in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita in 1978, and went on to star as Grizabella in Cats, as well as theatre productions of Sunset Boulevard, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Anything Goes. She is also a well-known singer with 22 solo albums, and has her own show on Radio 2 and serves as a judge on ITV's All Star Musicals.

Amber Aga plays Emani Taylor

Amber Aga plays Emani Taylor in Midsomer Murders

Who is Emani Taylor? An ambitious businesswoman on a mission to bring hipster micro-brewing to Midsomer, as co-owner of the new Cursed Ale Microbrewery with her younger sister Faiza. Emani is all about image, branding and public relations.

What else has Amber Aga been in? Fans of Shakespeare and Hathaway will recognise her as DI Marlowe. She has also starred in Bounty Hunters as DI Suleiman, and played Dr Anvar "Annie" Parvez in Murder City.

Michael Byrne plays Keith Grundy

Who is Keith Grundy? Now confined to a wheelchair and living at a retirement complex with his two dogs, Keith has a reputation as a once-notorious hardman who became a reformed character in prison. He employed ghostwriter Adam Osoba to write a memoir about his criminal past.

What else has Michael Byrne been in? With a CV stretching back to his first TV appearance in 1962, Michael Byrne has more recently appeared in Casualty, Cuffs, Borgia, and Coronation Street – playing Ted Page. He also played the role of Vogel in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Tony Gardner plays Russell Grundy

Tony Gardner plays Russell Grundy in Midsomer Murders

Who is Russell Grundy? A self-important local councillor and President of the Real Ale Society, a position he takes extremely seriously. He is not keen on the Cursed Ale Microbrewery. Russell has a teenage son called Toby, and is the son of Keith.

What else has Tony Gardner been in? Tony Gardner has made regular appearances on Tracey Ullman's Show and Tracey Breaks the News. He played Ivan Schloss in Stella, John in Last Tango in Halifax, and Dan Miller in The Thick of It, as well as Professor Tony Shales in Fresh Meat.

Jason Merrells plays Paul Taylor

Jason Merrells plays Paul Taylor in Midsomer Murders

Who is Paul Taylor? Emani's husband. He runs his own building firm and has two young children from his first marriage to Jenny.

What else has Jason Merrells been in? The actor plays Sir Charles Fraith in Agatha Raisin. He is also known for his roles in Safe House, Finding Alice, Lark Rise to Candleford, Emmerdale (as Declan Macey), Waterloo Road, and Cutting It.

Angela Griffin plays Jenny Moss

Angela Griffin plays Jenny Moss in Midsomer Murders

Who is Jenny Moss? Paul's ex-wife. A stressed-out single mum, she works as a nurse at a retirement complex and lives on site. She tries to keep relations civil with Paul for the sake of their two children, who mean everything to her.

What else has Angela Griffin been in? Back in the '90s, Angela Griffin starred as Fiona Middleton in Coronation Street before going on to play Jasmine Hopkins in Holby City. She then appeared in Cutting It, Boy Meets Girl, Waterloo Road, and Mount Pleasant. More recent roles have included DS Lizzie Maddox in Lewis, Jenna in Ordinary Lies and Nita in Brief Encounters.

Anita Harris plays Irene Taylor

Anita Harris plays Irene Taylor in Midsomer Murders

Who is Irene Taylor? Paul's mother, which makes her Emani's mother-in-law. She helps with the grandchildren and runs exercise classes at the retirement complex where Paul's ex-wife Jenny works.

What else has Anita Harris been in? The actress starred in the Carry On films Follow That Camel and Carry On Doctor. Over the next few decades she developed a reputation as a stage actress and singer, with credits including Cats, Strangers on a Train, and My Cousin Rachel.

Anjli Mohindra plays Faiza Jindal

Anjli Mohindra plays Faiza Jindal in Midsomer Murders

Who is Faiza Jindal? Emani's younger sister. Quieter and geekier, she is passionate about beer brewing and is the real brains behind the product.

What else has Anjli Mohindra been in? Bodyguard fans may recognise Anjli Mohindra as Nadia, the bomber from the train who played such an important role in the show. She has also starred in the ITV series Dark Heart as DC Josie Chancellor, and appeared in The Boy with the Topknot, The Dead Room, Bancroft, The Missing, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Cucumber.

Zebb Dempster plays Toby Grundy

Zebb Dempster plays Toby Grundy in Midsomer Murders

Who is Toby Grundy? Russell's son. He is about to finish sixth form, and makes money doing odd jobs for the residents of Causton. He also maintains the gardens at the retirement complex where his grandad Keith lives.

What else has Zebb Dempster been in? The young actor starred as Leo Fitzgerald in Waterloo Road.

Chu Omambala plays Kwame Asante

Chu Omambala plays Kwame Asante in Midsomer Murders

Who is Kwame Asante? A stranger to Midsomer. He claims to have had a one-night stand with the victim.

What else has Chu Omambala been in? Credits include Liar (as the character Semer), Stan Lee's Lucky Man, Spooks, Doctor Who (in 2005) and White Teeth. The actor is pictured above in a production of Queen Anne at the Theatre Royal.

Justin Pierre plays Adam Osoba

Justin Pierre plays Adam Osoba in Midsomer Murders

Who is Adam Osoba? A professional ghost writer. His clients included vain actress Sylvia and reformed criminal Keith, and he had recently taken on a book about the Abbey Brewery as a side project.

What else has Justin Pierre been in? He has starred as DS Benton in Emmerdale, and appeared in EastEnders, Doctors, and Rellik.

This article was originally published in March 2019


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