Meet the cast of Midsomer Murders

Get reacquainted with the main characters of Midsomer Murders – and meet the guest stars for brand new episode The Stitcher Society.


The second episode of Midsomer Murders‘s 22nd series airs on Sunday, with DCI Barnaby, DS Jamie Winters and pathologist Fleur Perkins flocking to solve another murder in the small countryside village.


‘The Stitcher Society’ is the fourth instalment of Midsomer Murders to air this year, after the last episodes of series 21 aired towards the end of March.

Midsomer Murders’s upcoming episode follows the detective team as they investigate the death of Reuben Tooms – the founder of a club for recovering heart bypass patients who winds up dead after an unpopular new member joins the group.

Here’s everyone you’ll meet in the episode – and the stars who play them.

Neil Dudgeon plays DCI John Barnaby


Who is DCI John Barnaby? The younger cousin of DCI Tom Barnaby, Midsomer’s original star. Once Tom retired, John was transferred from Brighton Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to Causton CID to step into the role. Despite the local murder rate, John Barnaby lives a comfortable life in Midsomer with his wife Sarah, their young daughter and their dog, Paddy.

What else has Neil Dudgeon been in? Before he replaced Midsomer Murders star John Nettles in the lead role in 2011, Neil Dudgeon played Jim Riley in the TV series Life of Riley, and also appeared in The Nativity, Silent Witness, Most Evil, Roman’s Empire, Son of Rambow, and Messiah: The Harrowing. One little known fact: Dudgeon was the taxi driver in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason who took Bridget (Renée Zellweger) to meet Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) near the end of the film.

Nick Hendrix plays DS Jamie Winter


Who is DS Jamie Winter? Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter is John’s right-hand man. He’s young, keen and smart and has a strong relationship with his boss. Jamie has had a string of predecessors as DS, but since joining the show in 2016 he has been determined to make his mark.

What else has Nick Hendrix been in? The actor starred as Billy Wallace in the first series of The Crown, and played Adrian Cooper in Marcella. He has also appeared in Suffragette, Legend, and Black Mirror.

Fiona Dolman plays Sarah Barnaby


Who is Sarah Barnaby? Sarah Barnaby is John’s wife. They have one daughter together, Betty, and a dog called Paddy. Mrs Barnaby is the headteacher of Causton Comprehensive School.

What else has Fiona Dolman been in? Fiona Dolman played Jackie in the TV series Heartbeat. Since then, her TV credits have included The Royal Today, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Waterloo Road.

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins

Annette Badland plays Fleur Perkins in Midsomer Murders

Who is Fleur Perkins? Now in her second series, the formidable pathologist “doesn’t suffer fools gladly” and has a sense of humour, deliberately ruffling feathers. She has a colourful past that includes many husbands and lovers and drives a swanky black Jaguar convertible.

What else has Annette Badland been in? With more than 150 acting credits to her name, Annette Badland is perhaps best known for starring as Babe Smith in EastEnders. You may also recognise her for playing Mrs Fitzgibbons in Outlander, Holodora in The Sparticle Mystery, Mrs Wigmore in Man Down, Margaret Blaine in Doctor Who, or Brawdie Henshall in Cutting It.

Series 22, episode 2 guest stars: The Stitcher Society

Jacob Fortune-Lloyd plays Gideon Tooms

Midsomer Murders

Who is Gideon Tooms? Gideon is the son of Reuben Tooms, the founder of Midsomer’s Stitcher Society – a social and health club for recovering heart bypass patients. He causes a stir in the club when he introduces the latest member Toby.

Where have I seen Jacob Fortune-Lloyd before? Fortune-Lloyd has starred in Wolf Hall, Medici and The Queen’s Gambit. He recently appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Peter de Jersey plays Toby Wagner

Midsomer Murders

Who is Toby Wagner? Toby is a new member of the Stitcher Society who five years prior, had been arrested for the murder of Reuben Tooms’ sister-in-law Viola.

Where have I seen Peter de Jersey before? Best known for playing Jerome Taylor in The Bill, de Jersey has appeared in New Tricks, Death in Paradise, The Bank Job and Doctor Who.

Keith Allen plays Harry Marx

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Who is Harry Marx? Harry Marx is a member of The Stitcher Society.

Where have I seen Keith Allen before? Allen recently starred in The Pembrokeshire Murders, Marcella and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He has appeared in My Mad Fat Diary, The Runaway, Eddie the Eagle and Trainspotting, and is the father of singer Lily Allen and Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen.

Hannah Waddingham plays Mimi Dagmar

Midsomer Murders

Who is Mimi Dagmar? Mimi is a member of The Stitcher Society.

Where have I seen Hannah Waddingham before? Waddingham is best known for starring in Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, Netflix’s Sex Education and Game of Thrones. She has also appeared in Krypton, Josh, Bad Education and Not Going Out.

Harriet Thorpe plays Georgie Tremayne

Midsomer Murders

Who is Georgie Tremayne? Georgie is a timid member of The Stitcher Society who threatens to kill Toby and used to run the local paper.

Where have I seen Harriet Thorpe before? Thorpe has appeared in The Brittas Empire, Absolutely Fabulous, Doctors, Father Brown and The Musketeers.

John Thomson plays Cooper Steinem

Midsomer Murders

Who is Cooper Steinem? Cooper is a landlord of a local Midsomer pub, who is the brother-in-law of Toby Wagner.

Where have I seen John Thomson before? Comedian John Thomson is best known for starring in Cold Feet, Men Behaving Badly, The Fast Show, Coronation Street and Trollied. He recently took part in The Masked Singer’s second series.

Nimmy March plays Julia Steinem

Midsomer Murders

Who is Julia Steinem? Julia is a member of the Stitcher Society, Cooper Steinem’s wife and Toby Wagner’s sister.

Where have I seen Nimmy March before? March has appeared in Coronation Street, Docors, Death in Paradise, The Bill, Waking the Dead and Strictly Confidential.

Lizzy McInnerny plays Alberta Tooms

Midsomer Murders

Who is Alberta Tooms? Alberta is Reuben Tooms’s wife and Gideon’s mother.

Where have I seen Lizzy McInnerny before? McInnerny has appeared in The Crown, Peterloo, The ABC Murders, Behind Her Eyes and Peaky Blinders.

Silas Carson plays Reuben Tooms

Who is Reuben? Reuben is the founder of Midsomer’s Stitcher Society, a social and health club for recovering heart bypass patients, who is found murdered on the village green.

Where have I seen Silas Carson before? Carson has appeared in all Star Wars prequels and provides the voice for the Ood in Doctor Who. He recently had roles in Des, The Other One, Phantom Thread and The Casual Vacancy.

Series 22, episode 1 guest stars: The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy

Sinead Matthews plays Mel Wallace

Midsomer Murders Sinead Matthews

Who is Mel Wallace? Mel runs The Hub, a café in Little Worthy, where she ran a competition to create a modern urban myth.

Where have I seen Sinead Matthews before? Matthews has appeared in films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Mr. Turner, The Boat That Rocked and Pride & Prejudice, and has played small roles in The Crown, Chewing Gum, Toast of London and Black Mirror.

Matt McCooey plays Steve Skelton

Midsomer Murders Matt McCooey

Who is Steve Skelton? Steve is a struggling photographer who recently won The Hub’s modern urban myth contest with his image of the Wolf Hunter.

Where have I seen Matt McCooey? McCooey is best known for playing DC Bill Wong in Sky One’s Agatha Raisin, however he’s also appeared in Skins, Doctors and The Salisbury Poisonings.

Glen Boateng plays Jez Gladberry

Midsomer Murders Glen Boateng
Midsomer Murders Glen Boateng

Who is Jez Gladberry? Jez is Little Worthy’s local handyman, who has been forging Wolf Hunter replicas alongside his day job. He is found murdered in the woods, killed by the same method the Wolf Hunter is said to use to murder its victims.

Where have I seen Glen Boateng before? Boateng has appeared in The Royals and Guy Ritchie’s film Wrath of Man.

Louise Jameson plays Annie Davids

Midsomer Murders Louise Jameson

Who is Annie Davids? Annie is the gossiping traditional landlady of Little Worthy, who blames The Hub for her downturn in business.

Where have I seen Louise Jameson before? Jameson is best known for playing the Fourth Doctor’s companion Leela in Doctor Who and Dr. Anne Reynolds in The Omega Factor. She has also starred in Bergerac, EastEnders, Silent Witness and Doc Martin.

Ferdinand Kingsley plays Brandon Yarrow

Midsomer Murders Ferdinand Kingsley

Who is Brandon Yarrow? Brandon is a local who has recently founded Worthy Glamping – state-of-the-art eco-lodges on the edge of the woods. He does not want the Wolf Hunter myth to put off potential clients, and after experiencing teething problems he becomes convinced that someone is sabotaging him.

Where have I seen Ferdinand Kingsley before? Kingsley is best known for his roles in Dracula Untold, Victoria and David Fincher’s Oscar-nominated film Mank. He has also appeared in series like Doctor Who, Borgia, Ripper Street and The Hollow Crown.

Maimie McCoy plays Rowan Yarrow

Midsomer Murders Maimie McCoy

Who is Rowan Yarrow? Rowan is Brandon’s calm, holistic wife who runs the Worthy Glamping site with him.

Where have I seen Maimie McCoy before? McCoy recently starred in ITV’s reboot of Van Der Walk and true crime drama White House Farm. She has also appeared in The Musketeers, DCI Banks, A Confession and All Creatures Great and Small.

Mark Williams plays Pat Everett

Midsomer Murders Mark Williams

Who is Pat Everett? Pat is one of the Yarrows’ disgruntled guests at Worthy Glamping, who has been visiting the site for 36 years. He is a Northern curmudgeon, resents the new-fangled glamping set-up and is very vocal about how much he misses the simple campsite.

Where have I seen Mark Williams before? Williams is best known for starring in The Fast Show and in the Harry Potter films as Arthur Weasley. He appeared in films such as 101 Dalmatians, Shakespeare in Love and Albert Nobbs, as well as series like Father Brown, Doctor Who and Merlin.

Siobhan Redmond plays Ronnie Everett

Midsomer Murders Siobhan Redmond

Who is Ronnie Everett? Ronnie is Pat’s wife and a regular guest at the Yarrows’ campsite.

Where have I seen Siobhan Redmond before? Redmond has appeared in Midsomer Murders before as psychiatrist Pru Plunkett, and has had roles in Doctor Who, Grantchester, The Bill and EastEnders.

Series 21, episode 4 guest stars: With Baited Breath

Nicola Stephenson plays Izzy Silvermane

Midsomer Murders

Who is Izzy Silvermane? A pub landlady who hasn’t spoken to her daughter for 10 years.

Where have I seen Nicola Stephenson before? She’s known for roles in the likes of The Worst Witch and New Tricks, and for playing Julie Fitzjohn in Holby City, Allie Westbrook in Waterloo Road and Tess Harris in Emmerdale.

Aneurin Barnard plays Freddie Lamb

Midsomer Murders

Who is Freddie Lamb? A local fisherman who puts up £20k as prize money for whoever manages to catch the monster fish known as ‘Ahab’ (the local area’s equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster).

Where have I seen Aneurin Barnard before? You’ll probably recognise him as the ill-fated Gibson in the film Dunkirk. He also played Boris in The Goldfinch, Bobby in Cilla, and Boris Drubetskoy in the BBC adaptation of War & Peace.

Nitin Ganatra plays Ned Skye

Midsomer Murders

Who is Ned Syke? The event organiser behind the Psycho Mud Run, an event that clashes with local fishing.

Where have I seen Nitin Ganatra before? Best known for his long-running role as Masood in EastEnders, Nitin’s credits also include HellBoy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bride & Prejudice and The Worst Witch (as Mr Daisy).

Vincent Franklin plays Artie Blythe

Midsomer Murders

Who is Artie Blythe? A former DCI and a face from DCI John Barnaby’s past.

Where have I seen Vincent Franklin before? He plays Christopher Rawson in Gentleman Jack, and was Mike in BBC One’s Bodyguard. Other past projects have included Peterloo, Happy Valley, The Bourne Identity, From Hell, Bright Star and Cucumber.

Eleanor Fanyinka plays PC Jade-Marie Pierce

Midsomer Murders

Who is PC Jade-Marie Pierce? A Causton police officer who enters the Psycho Mud Run with DS Winters.

Where have I seen Eleanor Fanyinka before? She’s been in Pure, Holly City, Masters of Love, and Death in Paradise.

Series 21, episode 3 guest stars: The Sting of Death

Griff Rhys Jones plays Ambrose Deddington


Who is Ambrose Deddington? A wealthy, obsessive honey producer at his ancestral seat Apley Court. He’s also a cancer survivor, and attributes his recovery to honey and bee stings.

Where have I seen Griff Ryhs Jones before? The comedian is known for the likes of Smith & Jones, Ordinary Lies, Wilt, Marple, and Mine All Mine.

Imogen Stubbs plays Tamara


Who is Tamara? Ambrose’s entrepreneurial sister, who runs ‘The Hive’: a honey-themed wellness centre which offers yoga classes.

Where have I seen Imogen Stubbs before? She’s known for the films Twelfth Night and Sense and Sensibility (penned by and co-starring Emma Thompson), in addition to Erik the Viking, Patents, Big Kids, and Death in Paradise.

Jack Fox plays Jude

Who is Jude? Ambrose’s estranged nephew.

Where have I seen Jack Fox before? Brother to Lydia and Laurence Fox, Jack is known for roles is Riviera (as Nico), Sanditon (as Sir Edward Denham), Fresh Meat, Upstart Crow (as Valentine), and Privates.

Ben Starr plays Noah Moon


Who is Noah Moon? A heartthrob yoga instructor.

Where have I seen Ben Starr before? He’s best known as Dr. Christopher Priestley in Jamestown. He’s also starred in Medici, Dickensian, Knightfall, and The Musketeers.

Nina Toussant-White plays Hannah


Who is Hannah? Just returned from her year abroad, Hannah is the local vicar’s daughter.

Where have I seen Nina Toussant-White before? She played Jacki in the recent thriller The Sister, and is also known for playing Rayburn in the smash-hit BBC series Bodyguard. Other projects have included GameFace., The Feed, and Doctor Who.

Derek Griffiths plays Rev Nigel Brookthorpe

Midsomer Murders

Who is Rev Nigel Brookthorpe? Hannah’s father, and the local vicar.

Where have I seen Derek Griffiths before? He recently starred in the Small Axe episode ‘Mangrove’, in the role of James. He’s also known for playing Freddie Smith on Coronation Street, and for starring in various roles in Tracey Ullman’s Show. Other projects have included Doctors and Silent Witness.

Series 21, episode 2 guest stars: The Miniature Murders

Roger Barclay plays Alexander Beauvoisin

Who is Alexander Beauvoisin? Alexander is a Midsomer estate agent who is widely disliked due to his bad practices. Many of his homes are poorly maintained, to such an extent that a young woman died in one of his buildings from carbon monoxide poisoning.

What else has Roger Barclay been in? Barclay played Terence Cunningham on hospital drama Holby City and has also appeared on ITV2’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Clare Holman plays Fiona Beauvoisin

Who is Fiona Beauvoisin? Fiona is Alexander’s wife who is in the process of divorcing him. She has been fighting with him recently as he intends to ensure she gets none of his considerable wealth in the separation.

What else has Clare Holman been in? Holman is probably best known to viewers as Dr Laura Hobson, a role which she played on both Inspector Morse and its spin-off series Lewis.

Joanna Page plays Holly Ackroyd