New Sheridan Smith drama Cleaning Up divides viewers

Why doesn't this company keep its computers locked?

Sheridan Smith in Cleaning Up, ITV Pictures

Sheridan Smith has returned to our screens in ITV’s Cleaning Up – but the drama about a gambling-addicted office cleaner has left viewers divided.


Smith’s character Sam discovers she can access valuable stock market information while working the night shift in an office in Canary Wharf. Can she solve her financial troubles and fund her online gambling debts without getting caught?

But some viewers just couldn’t get over the fact that the computers were left unlocked on the trading floor. What’s wrong with this company? Why is there no basic security??

And while some people just couldn’t get into it…

… others loved the story and Sheridan Smith’s performance as Sam, and praised the drama for its portrayal of a gambling addiction.


This article was originally published in January 2019

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