Love Island’s Zara hasn’t heard from Adam since his dumping

Despite claiming he's still got feelings for his ex-partner, Adam hasn't messaged Zara yet


“I’ve got a text!”: not a line that you’ll have heard from Zara since Adam was dumped from Love Island. Although the 22-year-old personal trainer and gym director revealed he still had feelings for his ex, Zara says he’s not yet been in touch.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she said: “I’ve not heard from him … I think he needs to pull his finger out a little bit.”

She also addressed watching Adam’s brief romance with Darylle in Casa Amor, which began only a few days after Zara left the villa: “It wasn’t easy watching him kiss someone else on TV so soon after we had separated. So I think he has got to pull his finger out a little bit and make some effort.

“The Adam I watch on TV and the Adam I got to know in the villa are two different people. I need to wait to speak to him in person.”

Like most viewers, Zara wasn’t too surprised to see Adam couple up with Darylle: “I wasn’t shocked because I knew in order to stay he had to couple up,” she said. “It’s just the fact that Darylle and I are so worlds apart. And the same with Rosie –we all look very different.”

Zara appeared on GMB with Rosie, another ex of Adam’s. Despite Rosie vowing she’ll never be Zara’s friend in the villa, the two are apparently “absolutely fine”, according to Zara. And Rosie agreed: “We are going to go for dinner and have a little chat.”

After last night’s dumping – where Adam, Darylle, new Alex and new Ellie left the villa – Adam said he was keen to reunite with Zara: “I do really, really want to see her, I’m excited for that.”

He added: “I want to see Zara. That is my priority now. I was ready to come out, especially when I knew I had feelings for Zara.”


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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