Emmerdale’s Nicola and Jimmy King’s relationship in jeopardy as a secret unravels

End of the line for Nicola and Jimmy?


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Wednesday 17th June 2020

Nicola King [NICOLA WHEELER] and Jimmy King [NICK MILES] are riling each other up in lockdown. Nicola is busy with her counselling but something is obviously bothering her. She’s sad and Jimmy can’t help but be aware of it but he’s at a loss at what to do. As she constantly tells him her life is dull, her life is boring, and everyone else in the village is living a better life than her, Jimmy has to face reality.

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Emmerdale continues its lockdown specials next week as the ITV soap continues to fill the gap with two-hander episodes until cast and crew can get new episodes ready to air.


Next week sees the focus shift to Nicola and Jimmy King (Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles) as we check in on them to see how life in quarantine is treating them. Viewers will notice quickly that things are not going brilliantly in their household.

emmerdale nicola jimmy

Nicola, for one, is growing frustrated with being stuck in the house and she tries to continue carrying on as normal with council business. But as the whole village is shut down, it does not provide the escape that she was hoping for.

As the days and weeks go by, Jimmy notices that something is wrong with Nicola and that she seems to be getting sadder by the day. But whenever he tries to talk to her about what is on her mind, she shuts him down and refuses to acknowledge any problem.

But as the two only have each other for company, things do not remain unsaid for too long and soon the couple find themselves forced to question their lives with Nicola admitting that the quiet life they live does not feel fulfilling for her any more.

She admits that she was worried to tell him because she did not want anything to jeopardise their marriage. But now the truth is out, will they be able to navigate their way through the problem and remain united in the process?

Alongside Nicola and Jimmy, the remaining specials focus on:

  • Chas and Paddy (Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt)
  • Marlon, Al and Ellis (Mark Charnock, Michael Wildman, Aaron Anthony)
  • Mandy and Vinny (Lisa Riley and Bradley Johnson)

Cain and Aaron (Jeff Hordley and Danny Miller) and Sam and Lydia (James Hooton and Karen Blick) kicked things off last week following the show finishing up its run of original episodes the previous Friday.


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