First look at Connors’ car crash on Coronation Street – see a brand-new scene

Get a sneak peek at the possibly fatal showdown

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Coronation Street is upping the drama this week thanks to a tense car crash that sees the lives of the Connor clan put in jeopardy. This Friday, Michelle decides to go on the run with Ali and Ryan after gangster Ronan Truman makes it clear that he wants revenge for the death of his son Cormac. But, pretty soon, Michelle realises that Ronan is actually in hot pursuit – and it’s a discovery that leads to an horrendous collision.


Corrie isn’t yet revealing whose lives will be put on the line, but in this new sneak peek clip released by the ITV soap, Michelle’s car can be seen coming to an unexpected standstill, while Ryan exits the vehicle and opts to stand directly in Ronan’s path.

Speaking recently about the filming of the stunt scenes, actor Ryan Prescott – who plays Ryan – said: It was like cat and mouse, the cars were swerving all over the place. But I was quite enjoying myself – any excuse to have some fun on location! I used to do a lot of motor cross and skating back in the day, so I was fully up for it. And it looks great actually. I’ve had a sneak peek.”

But when quizzed about whether the showdown will force Ryan to grow up, the actor added ominously: “Well, he might die!”

All we can reveal at the moment is that, in the aftermath of the collision, an ambulance is called, while CPR is performed on the crash victims as they fight for their lives. And as new pictures released by Corrie reveal, an injured Ryan appeared to be being tended to both Michelle and Ryan.


However, recent comments made by Prescott’s co-star Kym Marsh suggested that both Ryan and Ali will make it through the ordeal. Asked what will happen to Ryan and Ali’s relationship in the wake of the drama, Marsh said:

“It’s going to be a rough ride – there’s going to be more upset between the boys because they don’t get along anyway and this is going to make it worse. Michelle will be stuck in the middle of them both.”


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