Coronation Street: David to turn his back on Nick

The sibling bond breaks after Nick returns


Nick Tilsley will make his Coronation Street comeback later this week, but it seems that not everyone will be pleased to see him. As has already been revealed, it’s Nick’s feelings for Leanne that bring him back to town. But it’s when Nick reaches out to his family that the trouble really starts.


New storyline details on the ITV website reveal that Nick is left horrified when David hints at some of the trauma he’s experienced this past year. But when Nick offers concern, David makes it clear that he wants nothing more to do with his brother, feeling abandoned when he needed him the most. Will the siblings be able to overcome their differences?

Recent press reports have revealed that not only is Nick wanting to make things up with his nearest and dearest, he’s also fleeing a failed marriage, having got wed during his time away from Weatherfield. Said a show insider to Inside Soap:

“It looks as if Nick’s new marriage hasn’t worked out – in fact, it seems so bad he’s run away from his wife! She’s not happy about being abandoned, and he’s in for a shock after she tracks him down. But the question is: how far has he got his feet under Leanne’s table?


“And how will Leanne react when Nick reveals he’s gone and got hitched again? With two scorned exes on the Street, life could soon get very difficult for Nick…”


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