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Every Marvel TV series coming in 2020 and beyond

From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, to Wandavision and Hawkeye, here are the superhero shows to expect

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding more rapidly than ever before, with several star-studded streaming shows set to link directly to the upcoming phase of movies.


Unfortunately, production on these projects was held up this summer by the coronavirus pandemic, but we’re not too far away from the first to arrive: WandaVision.

Unlike previous Marvel television shows, these streaming offerings will feature talent from the movies and be highly influential in shaping the future of the MCU.

Expect high-concept sci-fi ideas, including alternate universes and time travel, as well as the debut of some fan favourite characters like She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms Marvel.

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WandaVision – late 2020

WandaVision colour

Release date: Winter 2020

Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn, Randall Park, Kat Dennings, Teyonah Paris

Number of Episodes: Six

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen return as Vision and the Scarlet Witch for this intriguing series, which takes inspiration from classic American sitcoms.

Of course, it’s unclear exactly how real any of these events are, as they could merely be the result of Wanda’s unpredictable reality altering powers.

One of the key mysteries of the series will be whether or not Vision is alive, following his brutal death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War.

The first WandaVision trailer also gave us a look at Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness, while Randall Park and Kat Dennings will be reprising their roles from Ant-Man and the Wasp and Thor respectively.

The events of WandaVision will lead directly into upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 2021


Release date: 2021

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily Van Camp, Wyatt Russell and Daniel Bruhl

Number of Episodes: Six

Initially greenlit in April 2019, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will arrive on Disney+ next year and focus on who will wield the iconic shield now that Steve Rogers has retired.

The six-part show will also see Emily VanCamp and Daniel Brühl reprise their roles as former SHIELD agent Sharon Carter and villainous Baron Zemo respectively.

The show was intended to be the first in Marvel’s Disney+ line-up, but due to production delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it has been moved to next year.

Loki – 2021

Low key

Release date: 2021

Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Richard E Grant

Number of Episodes: Six

This one-off series will see Tom Hiddleston reprise his role as the God of Mischief, after successfully evading death for the third time in Avengers: Endgame.

Expect time travel shenanigans, as Loki is expected to introduce the Time Variance Authority, a fictional organisation tasked with monitoring the Marvel Universe’s numerous alternate timelines.

What If…? – Mid 2021

What if logo

Release date: Mid 2021

Cast: Michael B Jordan, Sebastian Stan, Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L Jackson, Chris Hemsworth, Hayley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Neal McDonough, Dominic Cooper, Sean Gunn, Natalie Portman, Taika Waititi, Toby Jones, Djimon Hounsou, Jeff Goldblum and Michael Rooker

Number of Episodes: 20

As the title What If… suggests, this animated anthology series will sow some hypothetical chaos into the MCU.

Based on the comic books of the same name, the series won’t impact the continuity of other shows and films, instead looking at crucial moments in Marvel’s history and wondering what would have happened if they transpired differently.

Actors from the films will reprise their roles in this animated series, including Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger), Josh Brolin (Thanos), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Paul Rudd (Ant-Man).

Meanwhile, Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright will voice Uatu The Watcher, who will be the common link uniting the episodes of this anthology series.

Hawkeye – 2022


Release date: 2022

Cast: Jeremy Renner

Number of Episodes: Six

The expert archer of the Avengers, Hawkeye, will return in his own TV series, once again played by Jeremy Renner.

Set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the series is set to introduce Kate Bishop, who goes on to become Hawkeye’s successor.

The character is yet to be officially cast, but Hailee Steinfeld has been strongly rumoured for the part for some time.

Ms Marvel – 2022

Release date: 2022

Cast: Iman Vellani

Number of Episodes: TBA

Marvel’s first Muslim superhero is getting her own Disney+ series, Ms Marvel.

Written by Bisha K Ali (of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral), the series will focus on a Pakistani-American teenager named Kamala Khan, set to be played by newcomer Iman Vellani.

Hailing from a religious family in New Jersey, she has the power of polymorphy – i.e. the ability to stretch and change shape.

The character comes from the award-winning Marvel comic, and Disney confirmed that she will also be appearing in upcoming Marvel movies.

The show was announced at D23 Expo in August 2019. No release date has yet been set.

She-Hulk – 2022

Release date: 2022

Cast: TBA

Number of Episodes: TBA

A firm favourite in the Marvel comics, She-Hulk is also known by her civilian name Jennifer Walters, a lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner who receives an emergency blood transfusion from him.

It’s a life-saving procedure, but causes her to develop Hulk powers herself. She-Hulk was first announced at D23 Expo in August 2019, but no news yet on casting.

Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany was announced in the lead role, even receiving a welcoming tweet from Mark Ruffalo, but she has since denied her involvement in the project.

Moon Knight – 2022

Release date: TBA

Cast: TBA

Number of Episodes: TBA

Moon Knight, AKA Marc Spector, is a former CIA agent whose life was saved by the Moon God Khonshu. After Marc killed his terrorist nemesis Bushman, he became Moon Knight, a vigilante who is perpetually on the brink of complete insanity.

No word yet on a release date or cast, but we do know that The Umbrella Academy’s Jeremy Slater will serve as showrunner.

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