When is Bad Boys For Life released in cinemas? Cast, trailer and what it’s about

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for the third instalment in the Bad Boys trilogy – coming in 2020

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith yelling at each other while holding machine guns to defend themselves in a scene from the film 'Bad Boys', 1995. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are reuniting for a belated sequel to Bad Boys II.


The third instalment in the series is set to arrive 17 years after its predecessor in 2020. It will see detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) reunite in middle-aged ennui as they attempt to take down a drug cartel in Atlanta.

Find out everything you need to know about Bad Boys For Life below.

When is Bad Boys For Life released in cinemas?

The movie will be released in the US on 17th January 2020, and a week later in the UK, on Friday 24th January 2020. Filming took place between January and June 2019.

Is there a trailer for Bad Boys for Life?

Not yet – but we’ll update this page when one is released.

Which original Bad Boys stars are back for the new film?

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith lead the cast as detectives Lowrey and Burnett.

Joey Pantaliano is also on board to return as Captain Howard.

Who else is in the cast of Bad Boys for Life?

Newcomers to the franchise include Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig and Charles Melton, who will play members of a modern, highly specialised police unit in Miami who clash with the Bad Boys. Jacob Scipio, Paola Nuñez and, incredibly, DJ Khaled, will also star in unknown roles.

Khaled will play Manny the Butcher, a villain who gets his pinky chopped off in an altercation, as seen below in Smith’s vlog from the set.

What is Bad Boys For Life about?

There is no official synopsis for the film yet, but some information on the plot has been released. It will see the Bad Boys clash with a new, specialised police unit as a new threat emerges in Miami.

What was the original Bad Boys film about?

Bad Boys, which was released in 1995, saw lifelong pals Lowrey and Burnett protect a witness to a murder while investigating the theft of heroin from the evidence storage room in their Miami precinct.

Bad Boys II, released eight years later in 2003, featured them attempt to stem the flow of Cuban MDMA into Miami. It saw the duo question whether or not to continue on as partners, after it had been revealed that Lowrey was dating Burnett’s sister, Syd (Gabrielle Union). At the end of the film, the duo made up, and agreed to continue fighting crime together.


How many films have there been in the Bad Boys franchise?

There have been two previous films in the Bad Boys franchise: Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. This latest instalment will be the third.