When is Child’s Play released in cinemas? Who’s in the cast and what’s it about?

Everything you need to know about the Chucky horror reboot starring Mark Hamill

Child's Play

The 1980s horror hit Child’s Play is getting a reboot, with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill voicing the evil doll at the centre of the story. But who else is in the cast, how has the story been updated and when is it released in cinemas?


Here’s everything you need to know…

When is Child’s Play released in cinemas? 

Child’s Play is released in UK and US cinemas on 21st June 2019. 

What is Child’s Play about?

Child’s Play is a remake of the 1980s horror hit of the same name, which revolves around an evil doll.

The new film has updated the story to reflect today’s toy marketplace, so the ‘Buddi’ doll at its centre is an “Artificial Intelligence human companion” made by the world’s leading developer of interactive tech products.

After a mother gifts the doll to her son, things start to take a terrifying turn as the doll is revealed to be more sinister than she could have ever imagined.

Who’s in the cast of Child’s Play? 

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill voices the demonic children’s doll Chucky.

He is joined by Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) as Karen, a mother who gives the doll to her son Andy, played by Gabriel Bateman (The Dangerous Book for Boys).

Brian Tyree Henry (If Beale Street Could Talk) also stars as Detective Mike Norris, Tim Matheson (The Good Fight) plays founder and CEO of toy manufacturer Henry Kaslan, Marlon Kazadi (Supergirl) plays Andy’s best friend and son of the detective Omar Norris, and Ty Consiglio (Arrow), Beatrice Kitsos (The Exorcist), and Anantjot S Aneja (Date My Dad) star as Andy’s friends Pugg, Falyn, and Chris.

What other films has Chucky been in?

The Child’s Play franchise, commonly referred to as Chucky, comprises seven films created by Don Mancini and starring Brad Dourif as the evil doll. After the original film in 1988, six sequels have been made as well as comic books and a video game. A TV spin-off is also in development.


Is there a trailer for Child’s Play? 

There is indeed, here you go…