Joe back from the dead in Emmerdale as Debbie gets mystery text?

Have we finally got proof the missing millionaire is still alive?


The truth about the fate of Emmerdale‘s Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) could be resolved next week when Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb) receives a message from the fiance who mysteriously jilted her.


Debbie doesn’t know her dad Cain (Jeff Hordley) thinks he accidentally killed Joe with a brutal punch and Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) seemingly disposed of the body, but fans saw the Tate tycoon actually survived the smack. As Deb’s phone pings with a text from Joe saying ‘I’m sorry,’ so is this confirmation he’s alive and on his way home?

Debbie is in despair next week when her solicitor reveals her trial date has been set. Preparing to face her punishment for organising the acid attack on Ross Barton that could see her dealt a five-year prison sentence, the emotional mum can’t bear the thought of being separated form her kids – especially Sarah, who is recovering from a heart transplant.

Happily, doctors tell Debbie that her daughter is responding well to her new vital organ and there is every reason to be optimistic for a good recovery. However, there’s gloomier news as Debbie struggles financially and her family’s future looks uncertain.


Breaking down to Cain and stepmum Moira (Natalie J Robb), Deb offloads she is still hurting from being abandoned by Joe on their wedding day, unaware he was forced to flee by evil step grandmother Kim (Claire King) who threatened to kill him for double crossing her if he didn’t disappear. When he refused to be bossed around by cruel Kim, the secret showdown with Cain occurred and Debbie was left confused and fuming at the altar, not having a clue why her other half was a no-show.

Will we find out if Graham killed Joe?

Cain is uncomfortable as his distressed daughter weeps over Joe, his guilt compounded when she asks if Sarah and son Jack can live with him and Moira if she gets sent down. Later, while heartbroken Deb is consoled by mum Charity (Emma Atkins) she is stunned as the text comes through from Joe with an apology – but what does this mean?

Moira knows Cain’s believes he killed Joe and has already confronted Graham, who played her the devastating final voicemail from his missing employer in which he says how much he loves Debbie. Agreeing Cain should never hear the message for fear it could push him over the edge, how will he react to the news the man he thought he killed is sending texts?

Or is there another more likely explanation behind this mysterious message from beyond the grave, and how long will Emmerdale continue with the ambiguity surrounding the character’s exit?


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