Jude WILL return after surprise Coronation Street exit

Mary’s abusive son has been run out of town – for now

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Jude Appleton has seemingly left Coronation Street following Mary Taylor’s shocking admission he hit her and has been lying to his family about training to be a paramedic – but it’s not the last we’ve seen of her deceitful son.


Wednesday 24 October’s double bill saw brave Mary confess to close friend Roy Cropper she was subjected to a violent attack from her offspring earlier this week when she threatened to expose his lies to wife Angie.

Ironically, Jude was then bestowed the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award for saving Roy’s life, another lie as it was actually GP Ali Neeson who came to the café owner’s rescue.

Mary told daughter-in-law Angie her husband had been hiding something from her, and Jude ended up publicly exposing his own lies at the glittering ceremony as the truth about the paramedics’ course, who really saved Roy and how Mary got that bruise came tumbling out.

Branded a deluded, pathological liar who had pushed it too far, Mary and Angie told Jude to leave – but were horrified to realise later he had sneaked taken son George with him.


Roy caught up with the man who tried to con him out of thousands at the tram station and when Mary and Angie arrived on the scene in search of missing George, they found Roy with the little boy safely in his arms – turns out Mr Cropper had convinced Jude to hand his child over before leaving in shame.

The game may be up, but Corrie teased to RadioTimes.com that this is not the last we’ve seen of Jude. The story is not yet over, but can he ever be redeemed for his deception and cruel attack?


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