The 25 best fan-made Doctor Who videos

From Wholock to Doctor Puppet, counts down the 25 best fan-made videos...

9. Doctor Who in Lego 


Before the announcement of official Doctor Who lego, fans had to make up their own – such as this (very well done) recreation of the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration scene from The Time of the Doctor.  

8. Doctor Who turned up to 11 

As if the Doctor Who theme tune, and Murray Gold’s I Am The Doctor, couldn’t get more epic, they’re given the metal treatment by Youtube user 331Erock, who specialising in taking TV theme tunes and turning them up to 11. 

7. Doctor Puppet

Doctor Puppet is a wonderful thing; a twee, stop-motion fairy tale that really captures what makes the show so special. 

6. Rain

 Another John Smith one. This fooled a lot of people last year who thought it was the first look at Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor. And who can blame them? 

5. Doctor Dominoes


You’ve seen the Doctor done in Lego, and in Minecraft . But what medium haven’t you seen him in? DOMINOES, of course. And the effects are quite simply beautiful. Fingers crossed for Doctor Who in Monopoly for next time.