The 25 best fan-made Doctor Who videos

From Wholock to Doctor Puppet, counts down the 25 best fan-made videos...

14. The Doctor games 

The odds are in no one’s favour in this Hunger Games parody, which pits all of the Doctor’s incarnations against each other in a fight to the regeneration. 


13. Doctor Who: The Musical  

Forget found footage, what Doctor Who really needs is a musical episode. 

12. The Doctor does the Timewarp

Of course. 

 11. My Little Doctor

What if Doctor Who met My Little Pony? Don’t ask – just watch. 


10. A decade of Doctor Who

A VFX artist calling themselves John Smith is a bit of a legend in the Doctor Who community. You’ll be seeing more of his work later, but let’s kick off our appreciation with this – his tribute for the 10th anniversary of Nu Who.