Twitter had a lot to say about the FA Cup Final

From Karen Harding's missed cue to some spectacular celebratory dance moves...


Yesterday saw Man United face Crystal Palace in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium. It was a tense match right up to the final seconds. But it seems a lot of fans were failing to keep their eyes on the ball, and were posting on social media instead… 


Viewers were more than a little distracted by Tinie Tempah before the match kicked off. But, unfortunately for him, it was because of his eye-catching jacket and poor sound quality, rather than his performance.

They weren’t impressed with how the traditional FA Cup anthem Abide With Me was performed either: 

And then singer Karen Harding missed her cue to start signing the National Anthem.

Let’s just say it wasn’t a great day for music… 


Thankfully, Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew then showcased some spectacular dance moves and cheered everyone up.