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Uncharted movie could lose yet another director

The long-gestating Tom Holland film will stay in uncharted terrain

Published: Tuesday, 31st December 2019 at 1:04 pm

Sony's long-awaited Uncharted film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg looks set to lose yet ANOTHER director.


Bumblebee's Travis Knight was the sixth director attached to the videogame adaptation, but, according to Variety, Knight will leave the project if Holland's scheduling conflicts delay the film.

Holland, of course, is set to begin filming the next Spider-Man instalment in the summer of 2020, which will halt production on Uncharted yet again.

Both Holland and Wahlberg are believed to remain attached to the film if Knight leaves.

Knight is far from the first director to leave from the troubled action-adventure film. David O'Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy and Dan Trachtenberg have all previously stepped away from directing the film, which has been in production since 2008.

The film has been in the works so long that Mark Wahlberg, who was previously set to play lead Nathan Drake, will now play the much older role of mentor Sully.

At this rate, the film is very unlikely to make its December 2020 release date – Sony will presumably announce a delayed date once they have found a new filmmaker.

The Uncharted movie will be a prequel to the popular Playstation video game series, which sees the Indiana Jones-esque Nathan Drake hunt for treasure across the globe as he fights armed enemies. While the official film has hit several roadblocks, a fifteen-minute fan film starring Nathan Fillion received widespread acclaim in 2018.


Uncharted is far from the first videogame film to encounter problems – the Sonic the Hedgehog film famously redesigned the title character following fan backlash from the first trailer.


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