This fan theory has convinced us there’s a secret Time Lord hiding in Beauty and the Beast

All the evidence points to Belle embarking on a journey in space and time with her very own grumpy Time Lord


If there’s one thing we know about Time Lords it’s that they’re a brilliantly intelligent bunch who have a knack for hiding in plain sight – but has one been right under our noses in a cherished Disney classic?


That’s what one fan thinks anyway.

Redditor Dimanovic thinks Beast from Beauty and The Beast is actually a Time Lord, and has come up with quite the comprehensive account of the evidence that points to it.

Watching “Beauty and the Beast” with my daughter and it dawned on me: The Beast is a Timelord! from doctorwho

We’ve got to hand it to them, they’re done their research, and it certainly seems to add up.

But let’s face it, they basically had us at “regeneration scene”.

I mean, come on guys.


How much more evidence do you need here?


We’re sold.