This deleted Harry Potter scene would have totally changed the way we see Draco Malfoy

Harry's arch rival was originally set to come to his rescue


Draco Malfoy may have spent much of the Harry Potter books coming to blows with his arch rival Harry Potter, but if a deleted scene had made it into the final cut of the second Deathly Hallows film, fans would have seen him in a whole new light.


The scene in question takes place during the battle for Hogwarts when Harry is duelling with Lord Voldemort. Look closely and you’ll see that the deleted footage – which has been doing the rounds on the internet – clearly shows Tom Felton’s Malfoy running towards Harry at the height of the showdown.

What is he delivering to his one-time nemesis? It’s not immediately clear from the footage, but some detective work from Hypable has found that director David Yates revealed the object Malfoy handed over was actually a wand.

“There was a moment where Tom… we had this scene. In this scene where Tom throws Harry a wand, which is a big deal – a hugely different ending,” Yates told Snitch Seeker in November 2011. “It’s not a different ending, it’s a different moment. And we thought, ‘Oh my god, is that too much of a turnaround for Malfoy?’ So Malfoy suddenly becomes a good guy – so that’s what Steve [Kloves, the film’s screenwriter] wrote.”

But Malfoy the “good guy” wasn’t to be as producers David Heyman and David Barron ultimately decided against the plot twist.

According to Yates, they “were concerned about it because they didn’t feel it was most effective for the character, where Steve and I were quite keen because we thought, ‘That’s a really uplifting moment.’ But we cut it out eventually and it worked really well.”


While the outcome remains the same – spoiler alert: Harry wins the battle and saves the wizarding community from certain doom – leaving the unexpected act of kindness in the film’s final cut would have significantly changed the way we view Draco. He would have been a hero.