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The one question JK Rowling hates being asked about Harry Potter...

Clue: It's about Quidditch

Published: Monday, 11th September 2017 at 3:05 pm

Harry Potter fans beware -if you're ever in the position to start a conversation with JK Rowling, best steer clear of any questions about the logic behind Quidditch.


Rowling revealed on Twitter that she has no time for Harry Potter who suggest that the only meaningful aspect of Quidditch is the seeker catching the snitch, as it grants the team 150 points, a seemingly unassailable lead, and ends the game.

The author said it was the worst way to start a conversation with her while stuck in an elevator, responding to a thread by Twitter user Mark Harris, who sparked a discussion about terrible elevator patter.

A heated discussion ensued, with some fans jumping to her defence and highlighting that this had been cleared up in The Goblet of Fire, when Ireland beat Bulgaria despite losing the snitch.

Not everyone was on side though:

Others saw it as an opportunity to bring up other lingering Harry Potter queries, including a particularly troublesome one about Hagrid:


So there you have it - maybe compliment on her fantastic Strike series as a starter.


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